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Faculty Senate Magister Optimus

Magister Optimus Award   

The Magister Optimus Award at West Texas A&M University was created to recognize and acknowledge the work of outstanding teachers at WTAMU. Nominations, which are made in closed session by faculty senators, are based on the following criteria:

  1. Current, full time faculty members who have taught at WTAMU for at least six consecutive years are eligible
  2. The nominator of the nominee must give a brief oral narrative of why the nominee is deserving of the Magister Optimus Award

Once nominations have ceased, the members of the Faculty Senate vote by secret ballot to determine the winner of the Magister Optimus Award. The winner is presented the award each year at the Fall Faculty/Staff Convocation.

Magister Optimus Award Winners Year                                             
Dr. Marty Kuhlman 2018-2019
Dr. Amy von Lintel 2017-2018
Dr. Syed Tariq Anwar 2016-2017
Dr. Bruce Brasington 2015-2016
Dr. Bryan Vizzini 2014-2015
Dr. Royal Brantley 2013-2014
Dr. John Pipkin 2012-2013
Dr. Gary Byrd 2011-2012
Dr. Harry Hueston 2010-2011
Dr. Leigh Browning 2009-2010
Dr. Byron Pearson 2008-2009
Dr. Jessica Mallard 2007-2008