West Texas Writers' Academy

Here's what you can expect at West Texas Writers' Academy:

  • Instructors dedicated to advancing your career
  • Earnest comradery among writers
  • An inspirational support group even after you leave
  • Time away from distractions to write
  • A deep dive - 15 hours - into your in-depth course's topic

Check out our 2021 Courses and Instructors.

The schedule will keep you busy doing what you love - writing!

WTWA is a safe environment

Our instructors and attendees are emotionally supportive in writing struggles, co-celebratory in success, and encouraging in all aspects. If you're in this only for yourself, this isn't your conference. We welcome writers who want to be part of a creative community who encourages and respects the work created around them.


"I travel all the way to Canyon from my little town in Wisconsin because the Writer’s Academy is like no other writing conference I have been to before.  This is a special place with special people all focused on one goal which is making each other successful.  The class is an intensive, week-long adventure with quality instructors who inspire the best in their students.  Students have a chance to work individually with authors at the top of their game.  It’s an amazingly invaluable opportunity. I have come back from some writing seminars feeling like I didn’t gain much and sometimes feeling depressed.  I come back from the West Texas Writers’ Academy feeling confident, invigorated and capable of success.  This academy is a celebration of ideas, of writing and of people who write.  It’s also a place where I have made life-long friends."        -Christine Broderson


“Without hesitation, I can say that WTAMU Writer’s Academy is what laid the foundation for my career as a writer. The knowledgeable and caring instructors helped me to hone my craft and gain the confidence I needed to believe that I could pursue my dream of writing. Don’t hesitate for a moment to take advantage of this great week of learning, growth, and friendship. No matter where you are in your writing career, there is something to be learned during this invaluable week. Just be ready to work hard, have fun, and improve your writing while the parameters of what you believe possible for yourself expand. I know firsthand that a week here can change your life.”               -Bethany Claire, USA Today Bestselling Author

Attend WTWA for a career-changing experience!
Join a tribe who believes in your ability to succeed!