Academy Accommodations
Buff Hall
"I love staying in Buff Hall! For me, it's part of the reason I come. Meeting other people in the lounge, or dropping by their rooms is a large part of the bonding experience that has created the 'family' atmosphere. I've made life-long friends here."      ~WTWA evaluation feedback

"I live in Amarillo, but choose to stay in the dorm because I want the immersive feeling."
~WTWA evaluation feedback

Buff Hall makes travel affordable with rooms for only $40 per night!

This state-of-the-art residence hall features a four bedroom/two bath super-suite. Check out our Virtual Tour of Buff Hall!  Two writers share a suite so that each has their own private room and bathroom area.  Each suite includes a shared living room with a couch, table, sink and full-size refrigerator.  At registration writers are asked to designate a roommate if they have a friend attending with them.  Otherwise, rooms are assigned by gender.

floor plan"I'll stay in the dorm again.  I loved the connectivity to the whole academy experience that the dorm immersion, as it were."    
~WTWA evaluation feedback

Rooms are equipped with a desk, chair, chest of drawers and a full-sized bed.  Baths are equipped with toiletpaper. As such, writers should pack for dorm life and bring their own linens, towels, and toiletries.  This suggested packing list may be useful for first-time attendees.