West Texas Writers' Academy June 8-12, 2020

featuring Chris Stewart, Partner with Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin, LLPChrist Stewart


Monday:  Copyright I: Rights and Ownership

Copyright law protects your key asset, your creative expression.  We will discuss when copyright arises, the federal registration process, and the proper copyright notice. We will also discuss ownership issues that arise in employment, freelance and ghostwriting scenarios.

Tuesday:  Copyright II: Fair Use and Infringement

Authors often encounter fair use questions involving when and how much work they can use from other writers,.  We will discuss the 4 fair use factors as well as how to handle infringement of your works, including tips for handling it without an attorney.

Wednesday: Publishing Contracts I:  The Publishing Business and Submitting Your Manuscript

The publishing business is changing to make self-publication a viable option for many authors.  Both traditional publishing and self-publication option will be discussed because both have different implications for the negotiation of contract terms.  We will also discuss the contract terms that deal with the submission and acceptance of the manuscript.

Thursday: Publishing Contracts II: Negotiating the Key Contract Terms

Publishing contracts can be negotiated!  This is not a dull talk on legalese but a discussion on how to negotiate your best deal.  Learn the most common royalty structures and the terms you are most likely to be able to change.