Introduction to Brewing and Fermentation
Even the most seasoned home brewers will gain new knowledge in this course! You will learn about the history and current status of the ever growing brewing industry as well as a working knowledge of the key ingredients that are in beer: barley malts, hops, yeast and water. Special attention will be given to the treatment of brewing water and the critical importance of brewery sanitation. You will be introduced to a study of the fermentation process and the amazing role that yeast has in the manufacturing of beer.
Fermentation Chemistry
Don’t let the science scare you – no prior biology or chemistry knowledge is needed! This course will provide you a working knowledge of the fermentation process in the production of beer. You will learn the basic principles of malting barley, the mashing process and the critical importance of enzymes and the role they play in converting starches to sugars. You will study the basics of yeast biology and fermentation chemistry and truly understand the functions of yeast in the fermentation process of converting sugars to the desired by-products and flavors that make up the multiple styles enjoyed by beer lovers.
Brewing and Fermentation Products
In this course you will study the principles of quality control and statistics in practical applications used in the brewing industry. You will experiment with process control variables used in standard methods of analyzing ingredients and products which are applied to attain desired results. You will learn that measurement and analysis are the key for product consistency and quality.
Brewing and Fermentation Practices
Scale your knowledge up to commercial brewing! In this course you will achieve a better understanding of quality management and methods to create a “culture of quality” in your brewery. You will learn the principles of establishing quality governance, which is the setting of policies, procedures and specifications to achieve the goals of the brewery. You will be introduced to the basic components of, the supporting functions to and the strategic components in developing a quality program. You will be made aware of the “best tests” that should be established in your brewing laboratory.
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