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Agriculture/Equine Industry

Equine Industry Program

Horse center with horses


  • To provide high quality education and training for undergraduate and graduate students interested in career opportunities within the horse industry and related agribusiness enterprises, and
  • To serve as the primary equine-related academic, research, and service center for the West Texas region.

Program Objectives

  • Provide undergraduate students a balance of training in science and business, integrated with specific applications to the horse and related industries, which prepares graduates to be competitive for careers in equine-related industries through the Equine Industry and Business Option.
  • Provide graduate studies (M.S. and Ph.D.) for students seeking advanced training in specific areas of equine science and/or business-related topics, to prepare graduates for industry and academic positions or further academic study.
  • Provide supplemental training for students, including student organizations and intercollegiate judging and equestrian teams, which develops knowledge, experience, and leadership and communication skills that are valuable for successful careers.
  • Interact closely with all facets of the equine industry, including production, show, race and recreation.
  • Provide cooperative and internship training programs that provide students practical experience to further enhance their career development.
  • Develop and implement academic, research and service programs that reflect current industry needs. 

Undergraduate Degree 

The Equine Industry and Business degree option in Agribusiness provides students a balance of business and scientific subject matter integrated with technical and practical skills as they pertain to the horse and related industries. All facets of the industry are addressed including production, race, recreation, show and equine-related service industries. Student training is built around a solid foundation of course work in communication, science and business. These courses, combined with supplemental activities, are designed to develop a fundamental base of scientific and business knowledge plus strong critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Instruction is provided by internationally renowned and respected faculty members equipped with the latest information and technology.  Topics include:
  • Business Techniques for Equine Enterprise Management
  • Equine Business Management
  • Equine Care and Management
  • Equine Selection and Evaluation
  • English and Western Equitation
  • Equine Science and Production
  • Equine Behavior Modification and Training
  • Nutrition and Feeding
  • Reproduction
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Hippotherapy
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing


University facilities include modern classrooms and laboratories, a Horse Center with a 200' x 105' indoor arena, two outdoor lighted arenas, round pen, hitchcock pen, and approximately 50 western and hunter horses.


A variety of horse-related events, including clinics, seminars, Western and Hunter shows, and judging contests, are conducted at the Horse Center in addition to University classes.
  • Stabling is available at the University and in the area for students’ horses.
  • Students may use their own horses in some classes.
  • Student organizations are available, including Horsemen's Association, Collegiate 4-H and FFA, and Block & Bridle Club, as well as competition on Intercollegiate Horse Judging, Equestrian and Rodeo teams.
  • Equestrian Team

Graduate Research Areas

WTAMU has been involved with 14 graduate students since the start of the program in 1994. Many areas of research have been explored, including:

  • Nutrition effects on exercising horses
  • Aerobic training on bone remodeling in mature horses
  • Aerobic exercise on blood and bone variables after a sedentary period
  • Economic impact of exportation of horses

Currently, many experiments concerning Matua hay are underway at the Horse Center and surrounding lab facilities.


The benefits received by graduates of WTAMU's Equine Industry Program are twofold:

Graduates are prepared for employment in:

Equine management and production operations 

  • Affiliated industries including breed associations
  • Finance, marketing, advertising and sales companies
  • Feed, farm, equipment and health supply companies
  • Teaching and extension agencies
  • Riding, training, and production operations

Graduates are also well prepared to pursue Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) or Master of Science (M.S.) degrees.


For More Information Please Contact:

Dr. John Pipkin at jpipkin@wtamu.edu

Dr. Lance Baker at lbaker@wtamu.edu

Ms. Amanda Love at alove@wtamu.edu