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Educational Leadership Program

Enrolling in Classes

Admission Requirements

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The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership Program prepares confident, skilled, and reflective leaders of education to pursue excellence and make powerful and lasting impacts in their communities. This program's degree and certification options include the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree, Texas principal certification, and Texas superintendent certification. While your adviser is always willing to assist you, enrolling in the appropriate classes is ultimately your responsibility.

Changes to the M.Ed., Principal Certification, and Superintendent Certification options have been submitted to the University's Curriculum Committees for consideration and anticipated approval for implementation beginning in the Fall 2018 semester. These changes are mostly reflected in the M.Ed. and Principal Certification options. The proposed degree (M.Ed.) option will be reduced from a 36 to a 30 semester credit hour (SCH) plan and the proposed principal certification only option will be reduced from a 30 to a 24 SCH plan. The current 15/9 SCH superintendent option will remain the same in length. The courses proposed for the M.Ed. only, M.Ed.+ principal certification, and principal certification only options reflect a complete redesign to align with the recent changes to the Texas State Board for Educator Certification's (SBEC) update to the Standards Required for the Principal Certificate and the transition from the 068 Principal TExES Framework to the 268 Principal TExES Framework. The course numbers and names of the three primary superintendent program courses are anticipated to change in response to the new M.Ed. and principal program as well as needs in response to the proposed doctoral program.

Some of the current M.Ed. and principal program candidates are positioned to transition from their 36/30 SCH degree/certification options to the proposed 30/24 degree/certification options upon approval and expected implementation in the Fall 2018 semester. In light of the current transition period, extensive advisement is offered to candidates in the M.Ed. and principal certification programs based on their current placement in one the categories below.


Advisement for Candidates in the M.Ed. Only, M.Ed. + Principal Certification, or Principal Certification Only Whose:     

Anticipated Program Completion is Before Fall 2018 Semester Begins

Anticipated Program Completion is During or After the Fall 2018 Semester

First Time Enrollment is Planned to Start in the Fall 2018 Semester

PLEASE NOTE that no one can be on the proposed 30 SCH degree plan or the 24 SCH principal certification plan until the plans are approved for the start date of Fall 2018. However, candidates who plan to complete their programs during or after the Fall 2018 semester can take proactive steps to switch from the 36 to the 30 SCH degree plan or the 30 to the 24 SCH principal certification plan by enrolling only in courses eligible for substitution to the courses proposed for the new M.Ed. / principal certification curriculum upon anticipated approval.

Candidates will register for classes through Buff Advisor once they have been green lighted by their adviser


Classes Requiring Special Permission for Enrollment

For classes that require special enrollment permissions, contact your adviser via email for assistance. These courses include EDLD 6099, EDLD 6299, EDLD 6353, and EDLD 6395.

Principal Practicum

At this point in the program transition, most candidates needing the practicum course are at the stage of enrolling in EDLD 6299 for 3 consecutive semesters including a fall, spring, and summer enrollment in any order during their last 3 semesters in the M.Ed. or principal certification programs. If this describes you, please do not attempt to enroll in EDLD 6099.

The only candidates who should request enrollment in EDLD 6099 are those who are in need of the practicum and will graduate in May or August 2018.

Problems in Leadership

The EDLD 6395 course is not a "regular" course available for enrollment by anyone who chooses it. It is used only in special circumstances for individuals who have contacted their adviser and have been granted permission to enroll bases on extenuating circumstances.


EDLD 6353 is designed for participants to obtain AEL and T-TESS certification to enable them to appraise Texas teachers using the state-adopted evaluation system. The training is co-delivered by WTAMU faculty and ESC 16 personnel for both WT EDLD candidates and non WT students. The workshops are located in the JBK and parking is availed to participants in zones 5 and 12.

Always include your Buff ID number on any correspondence with your adviser.



Course listings in Buff Advisor will always supersede anything on this EDLD website or any document retrieved from a link on this website.

If you are a recipient of financial aid, you must maintain a minimum course load of 6 hours per long semester and/or 3 hours per summer semester.



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