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EOD Writers' Academy Morning session
West Texas Writers' Academy June 10-14, 2019

2019 Morning General Sessions

featuring KJ Waters, Marketing Consultant for Jodi ThomasKJ Waters

“The truth is that, while some publishers provide a degree of marketing and publicity, it’s largely the domain of the author to promote their work and build a fanbase. This means that publishers are more likely to give coveted book contracts to writers with a proven track record of growing and engaging an audience.”  How to Build A Successful Author Marketing Platform, Forbes, April 28, 2017

Monday:  The Author's Marketing Plan, an overview

There is no way around it; whether you are going the traditional or independent publishing routes you will need to learn to market your books. In this session, we will talk about creative ideas to craft a cohesive marketing plan to grow your author platform and market your books. 

Tuesday:  Who is your Target Market?

Why is it important to know your target market? In this session we will build a strategy to laser focus your marketing efforts to reach out to these readers and prime them for buying your work.

Wednesday: What is your Author Brand?

What does your writing bring to the table for your readers? Do you offer an escape to an exotic land? Do you offer the romance they are missing in their lives? With this information and what we’ve learned in the previous two session, we will fine-tune your brand incorporating themes that correlate to your books to carry to your website, emails, social media, and every way you represent your books.

Thursday: Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow a Following

What social media sites are the best to focus on with your brand and books? Each have strengths and weaknesses and can provide a boost in finding the readers in your target market. What are the best ways to engage your audience and grow a loyal following?

Attendees of this session will receive valuable discounts to some mind-blowing social media tools that will change how you view marketing and dramatically increase your productivity by helping you focus your marketing efforts on what works.