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Dryland Agriculture Institute thesis

Dryland Agriculture Institute

Graduated Students and Their Thesis and Dissertation Titles


Buddy Curry, 1/1994-5/1996

Thesis Title:  ”Grazing Wheat Pasture as an Alternative to Grain Production”

Don McClenagan, 1/1994-8/1995

Thesis Title:  “Influence of Tillage and Cropping Systems on Soil Organic Matter, Aggregates,

and Crust Strength”

Wayne Pierson,  9/1994-8/1995

Thesis Title: “Impact of Introduced Parasites (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on Diuraphis noxia (Homoptera: Aphidae) and Indigenous Parasitoids of the Texas High Plains”


John Shriver, 6/1994-12/1996

Thesis Title: “Relationship of Seed Size, Planting Date, and Common Root Rot in Hard Red Winter Wheat”


Qingwu Xue,  1/1994-12/1995

Thesis Title:The Physiological Responses of Wheat Genotypes to Water Stress on The Texas High Plains”

Curtis Walton,  5/1994-5/1996

Thesis Title: Yield and Quality of Dryland Sorghum”


William Willis,  1994-12/1995

Thesis Title:  “Environmental Impacts of Spreading Beef Feedlot Manures on Southern Mixed Prairie Grass”


Mohammed Akbar,  9/1995-12/1996

Thesis Title: “Evaluation of Dryland Corn and Grain Sorghum Production in the Southern High Plains

by Using Computer Simulation


Jianli Ping,  8/1995-8/1997

Thesis Title:Variations in Soil and Resultant Plant Growth in Dryland Winter Wheat”


Xiangeng Niu,  6/1995-8./1997

Thesis Title: “Testing the CERES-Maize Model for Different Soils, Wetting Regimes and Mulch Treatments

in the Southern High Plains”


Monica Mazolla,  2/1996-12/1997

Thesis Title:  A Soil Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Microbial Biomass in the Southern Great Plains@


Brad Helton,  5/1995-9/1997

Thesis Title:Dryland Forage Sorghum Improvement Program”


Brenda (Jackson)Wilkins,  9/1996-12/1997

Thesis Title: Management Effects on Soil Properties

Heather Arndt,  6/1997-9/1999

Thesis Title: Compost as a Soil Amendment and Its Impact on Water Use Efficiency”

John Whatley,  9/1995-1997

Thesis Title:The Influence of Carcass Maturity as Evaluated by Dentition, Upon Tenderness of Commercially Fed Cattle as Determined by Sensory Panel Evaluation”

Yuxin Miao,  1/1998-12/1999

Thesis Title: “Comparison of Soil Spatial Variability in Crop and Rangeland”

Benjamin Guimaraes,  1/1998-5/2000

Thesis Title: Evaluation of the Potential Beef Production in the Semi-And-Arid Area of San Francisco River Basin, Minas Gerias, Brazil”              

Melissa Fahnert,  9/1996-5/1997

Thesis Title:  “LEPA Irrigation Amounts and Frequencies for Control of Soil Borne Pathogens in Sugar Beets

Lee JooHyun,  1/1998-5/2000

Thesis Title:Response to Osmotic Stress of Two Closely Related Wheat Lines and Their F2 Property”

Kurino Ashizawa,  1/1999-5/2000

Thesis Title:Responses to Dryland Corn (Zea mays L.) to Two Different Plant Spacings

Guo Wenxuan,  9/1999-5/2000

Thesis Title:CAFO Wind Blown Dust Effects on Adjacent Native Vegetation and Soil Chemical Properties”

Christine Worthington,  2000-2002

Thesis Title

Park Seongcheol,  9/2003-8/2005

Thesis Title:  “ Economic Optimization of Groundwater Resources in the Texas Panhandle”

Paul Dahm,  6/2000-12/2002

Thesis Title: A Comparison of Risk of Cow-Calf Operations in the Panhandle and West Central Districts of Texas”

Marie-Christine Gasingirwa,  6/2000-12/2002

Thesis Title:  “Elimination of Amplified Length Polymorphisms (ALFP) Markers Linked to the Greenbug Resistance Gene Gb, in Wheat Using Isogenic Lines (NILs)

Jeong MinLee,  6/2000-12/2002

Thesis Title: A Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Water Use Efficiency (Sorghum bicolor L.) as Affected by Three forms of Nitrogen Fertilizer at Two Soil Water Potentials and three Growth Stages”

Madhulika,  6/2000-12/2002

Thesis Title: A Evaluation of Sorghum Genotypes for Water Use Efficiency and Nitrogen Use Efficiency@

Kang Shujiang,  9/2000-5/2002

Thesis Title “ Simulation of Winter Wheat in the Texas High Plains and North China Plain Using CROPWAT, MODwht and CERES Wheat Models”       

Joseph Kemei,  9/2000-5/2003

Thesis Title: Evaluation of Diverse Sorghum Genotypes (Sorghum Bicolor (L) Moench) for Nitrogen and Water Efficiency at Three Growth Stages”

Chung ByungKyun,  2/2000-5/2003

Thesis Title:  “Spatial Variability of Selected Nutrients in Cropland and Adjacent Rangeland”

 Zhen Wu,  9/2002-2003

Thesis Title “ Economic and Agriculture Development in Selected Counties in the Texas Panhandle Since 1900

Satish Reddy Ambati,  2002-2004

Thesis Title: Response of Dryland Grain Sorghum to Planting Date, Cultivar, Planting Densities and Placement of Labeled Fertilizer Nitrogen Densities and Placement of Labeled Fertilizer Nitrogen on Yield and Water Use Efficiency”

Varaprasad Bandaru,  2003-2005

Thesis Title:  “Response of Dryland Grain Sorghum to Planting Geometry “

Varma Konda Prabhakar,  2003-2005

Thesis Title: Physical and Chemical Properties of Pullman and Olton Soils Amended with CAFO Manure and Effluent


Srirama Reddy Krishnareddy, 2004-2006

Thesis Title: Factors Affecting the Extent of Tillering in Dryland Grain Sorghum Clumps

Kristi Wright,  9/2004-2005

Thesis Title: Determination of Soil Water Content Under a Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) System in Carson County, TX Using the Soil Water Balance Equation

Allison Esparza,  9/2004-2006

Thesis Title: “Heat Unit Availability For Cotton Production in the Ogallala Aquifer”

Kranthi Kumar Chebrolu,  1/2005-12/2006

Thesis Title: Precipitation Patterns Along a N-S Transect in the Ogallala Aquifer Region

Ramya Vittal,  1/2005-12/2006

Thesis Title: Genetic diversity Among Sorghum bicolor L. Moench Genotypes as Reveled by SDS-PAGE and SSE Markers


Hanumantharao Kadasrivenkata,  9/2005-2007

Thesis Title: The Effect of Planting Geometries, Irrigation Rates and Methods on Corn and Grain Sorghum”

Ulugbek Akhmedov, 2005-2007

Thesis Title:

Babitha Jampala, 9/2005-2007

Thesis Title: “Placement and Planting Geometry Effects on Fertilizer Use Efficiency of Dryland Grain Sorghum”

Srinivas Kumar Veeragoni,  9/2005-2007

Thesis Title: “Respiration as a Physiological Mechanism for Cold Tolerance in Sorghum

Murali Krishna Darapuneni,  12/2005-

Thesis Title: “Respiration Evaluation of Cyclone and Baghouse Ashes Produced from Combusting Beef Cattle Manure Used as an Energy Source in an Ethanol Production Facility”

Suheb, Mohammed,   1/2008-

Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of clumps Versus Row Geometry on Dryland Corn Yield and Harvest Index

Brarath Krishna Reddy, 2008-2010

Thesis Title:

Mary-Diane Schneider,  1/2008-3/2009

Thesis Title: The Response of Dryland Grain Sorghum to Clumped Planting Geometry

Brijesh, Angira,  6/2008-

Thesis Title: Transpiration Efficiency and Yield Parameters of Maize in Different Plant Geometries

Partson Mubvumba,  2008

Thesis Title: Soil Water Dynamics Under Geometries in Corn and Sorghum Under Dryland Conditions

Teresa Gaus,  2008

Thesis Title:Recommendations for Roadside Revegetation of the Texas Panhandle

Louis Brown, 200_-

Thesis Title:

Yedilaklil M. Hunde,  2013

Dissertation Title:Evaluation of Transpiration Efficiency of Near Isogenic Wildtype, Bmr-6 and Bmr-12 Forage Sorghum Under Different Water Treatment Levels”

Jerry E. Moorhead,  2011-2013

Thesis Title: “Crop-Specific Drought Indices For Groundwater Management in the Texas High Plains

Xiaobo, Hou (Michelle), 2011-2013

Thesis Title: “Nitrogen Effect on Stay-Green Sorghum in Differing Post-flowering Water Regimes”

Constant Zegou Ouapo,  2013

Dissertation Title: An Agronomic Water Mass Balance Approach  (AWMBA) for Assessing the Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer and Its Effects on Irrigation in the Texas Panhandle

Zhang, Chongyuan (Sourse),  2013

Thesis Title: ”Grain and Forage Production with Limited Amount of Water”

Jolene Berg,  2011-2013

Thesis Title:

Sanjeev Reddy Yalla,  2011-2013

Thesis Title: “Influence of Planting Geometries on Transpiration Efficiency and Harvest Index in Foxtail Millet, Corn, and Grain Sorghum”

Casey Childers, 2010-


Sarah Ajayi, 2012-2013

Thesis Title: “Use of Spectral Reflectance for Estimating Plant Parameters of Wheat Genotypes in the Texas High Plains”

Sushil Thapa, 2012-2016

Thesis Title: “Microclimate and Transpiration Efficiency in Dryland Crops in Relation to Planting Geometry, Growth Stage, and Cultivar”

Timber Barkley, 2015

Non-Thesis: Successfully Completed Comprehensive Exam 2015

Pramod Pokhrel, 2012-2016

Thesis Title: “Effect of Planting Geometries and Fertilizer Placement on Nutrient Uptake by Grain Sorghum”

Mahendra Bhandari, 2012,-2016

Thesis Title: “Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging for Estimating Canopy Temperature in wheat and Maize”

Joshua Partheepan, 2013-2016

Dissertation Title:

Rajan Shresthra, 2016-

Thesis Title:

Edem Ashiadey, 2016-

Thesis Title:

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