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Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Team

Cooperative Research, Education and
Extension Team

The Cooperative Research, Education, and Extension Team (CREET) is composed of facilities, scientists and administrators of:

The Cooperative Research, Education, and Extension Team is a consortium of Texas A&M University System AgriLife, West Texas A&M University, and close partnering agencies.  It operates with a one-program concept which emphasizes the breadth, depth, and range of scientific and educational expertise of the combined faculties and scientists of these five agencies.

The CREET Administrative Council is composed of six leaders of the aforementioned agencies.  The Council meets quarterly and develops joint policies; plans programs for field days and conferences; addresses relationships with other entities; develops strategic opportunities and legislative initiative plans; interpretation events; and other related matters that build scientific and educational capacity for the Texas Panhandle.

The CREET members have a shared commitment to upgrading scientific excellence and multidisciplinary teamwork among scientists and engineers in five different agencies/universities and at multiple locations. CREET maintains a critical mass of outstanding faculty expertise to address issues and problems at many levels with holistic systems approaches.

The spirit of cooperation embodied by CREET has led to many interdisciplinary and interagency research projects and educational programs that were made possible by the critical mass of scientists involved. An example is the faculty-organized and self-directed Beef Cattle Research Team which:

  • coordinates major research programs on feedlot and stocker cattle nutrition and health, and on water and air quality protection;
  • helps inform groups such as the Texas Cattle Feeders Association about current programs and research/educational needs, data and information; and
  • plans several conferences for clientele.

Faculty from Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University have joined the CREET Beef Cattle Research Team.