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Constitution Day

West Texas A&M University

Constitution Day Resources by Dr. John David Rausch Jr. and Mary S. Rausch

A number of different institutions have created very useful collections, so  we link to them.  Most of these pages include references to the federal law mandating recognition of Constitution Day.

Constitution Day Guide - Produced by the staff of the Cornette Library at West Texas A&M University

Constitution Day Resources - Lourdes Library, Gwynedd-Mercy College

Constitution Day Resources - Thomas at the Library of Congress

ConstitutionFacts.com - Get a free pocket edition of the United States Constitution

Constitution Center

United States Constitution - United States Department of Defense

Constitution Day Resources - U.S. Courts

Observing Constitution Day - National Archives

Constitution Day - About.com

"Back to School for Constitution Day" - LLRX.com

Constitution Day Resources - CollegeZone

Celebrating Constitution Day - CQ Press

Landmark Supreme Court Cases - Interpreting the Constitution

Constitutional Rights Foundation

The United States Constitution - FindLaw.com

The Constitution of the United States - United States Government Printing Office (includes Supreme Court decisions)

Primary Documents in American History: United States Constitution - Library of Congress

The Founders' Constitution - Joint venture of the University of Chicago Press and the Liberty Fund

The Texas Constitution

For more information about the United States Constitution or Constitution Day, contact Dr. Dave Rausch at jrausch@wtamu.edu or Mary Rausch at mrausch@wtamu.edu.