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Communication Graduate Alumni

Masters in Communication Alumni


Follow the footsteps of our great alumni who found work in media, secondary and college education, and program administration, while others are continuing studies in prestigious doctoral programs.  

Courses incorporate both classroom learning and practical application to provide students with a broad range of skills to fit any career choice.  Students develop skills in areas such as: 

  • Leadership
  • Advanced Media Theory
  • Training and Development
  • Crisis and Communication 
  • Advanced Storytelling 
  • Public Relations 

Master in Communication Alumni

ErinBaird "My two years in the Master's program at West Texas A&M in Communication were invaluable. The faculty and staff were welcoming, enthusiastic, and attentive to my needs as a student. Faculty embodied the 'open-door policy,' working with students outside of class as well as inside. After graduating, I continued to be in contact with faculty members who were anxious to help me professionally and personally. Also, I am thankful that I received a top-notch education that provided me a solid research and writing foundation for my PhD program. Without my graduate student experience at WT, I would not have the career goals, and skills to accomplish those goals, I now have set for myself." -Erin E. Baird, Director of Public Speaking, COMM 2613, University of Oklahoma Doctoral Candidate CarrisaHoeschler "My time in the master's program at WT is something I will always reflect upon fondly. The academic training I received from courses and faculty members successfully prepared me for the challenges I face currently in a research-intensive PhD program. The opportunities provided to me while in the program advanced my communication, teaching, and research skills beyond what I thought possible. Perhaps most importantly, though, I developed valuable life-long relationships with my fellow graduate students and with several faculty members who continue to serve as mentors in my academic and professional life." -Carrisa S. Hoelscher, University of Oklahoma Doctoral Candidate

"The graduate program at WTAMU was an amazing experience! Not only was I able to learn from amazing professors, my peers in class have become lifelong friends. If you are looking for a graduate program that you will not get lost in the crowd then this is the one for you! Not only did we learn methods, theory and review case studies; we were encouraged to become true academics and submit our papers to journals and conferences. The professors were friendly, and while they pushed us, they were always there to help guide us through our research. I do not regret anything about my decision to choose the graduate program at WT and would do it again in a heartbeat." -Ryan Hazelwood, KVII News Director

CalWhite "I have so many positive things to say about the professors, campus environment and my time spent at WT as an undergrad and master's degree candidate. As a general response, Canyon's WT offered me a great hometown environment in an intimate educational setting. I really appreciated that my professors knew me by first name and that I was able to build lasting relationships with them. Even better, for a substantially lesser amount of money (when compared to other four year and private colleges), I was able to get a high quality education that has elevated my position in the Western Industry and as a potential job seeker. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Communications undergrad or graduate programs to anyone seeking higher education. WT worked for me!" -Cal White, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Social Media Manager