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College of Education and Social Sciences Advisory Board

COESS Advisory Board

The College of Education and Social Sciences Advisory Board exists to provide the college with a competitive advantage by facilitating interaction with the education and social sciences community and the community-at-large in a variety of ways to help achieve the college’s mission. The Board’s role is to:

  • Offer the college an outside perspective on issues affecting education and the social sciences that may have educational or research implications or opportunities.
  • Communicate the needs and requirements of the education and social sciences community to ensure that our graduates develop the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes required for success.
  • Provide feedback on our degree and certificate programs as to their relevance to organizations of the future.
  • Serve as a sounding board for new initiatives, research projects, and external activities.
  • Provide assistance and advice on college strategy, specific aspects of the strategy execution, and any operational issues where the dean feels he or she could benefit from an outside perspective.
  • Be an ambassador for the college with the broader Amarillo and regional community, alumni, and other external constituents.
  • Aid the college where possible in recruiting students into degree and certificate programs as well as in placing students upon graduation.
  • Assist the college with its financial development goals.

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Barbara Bain, Retired Educator, Dimmitt, Texas

Chief Justice John T. Boyd, Retired Texas Court of Appeals, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. Gregg Bynum, President and CEO, Education Credit Union, Amarillo, Texas

Mrs. Anette Carlisle, Social Entrepreneur at Panhandle Twenty/20, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. James Farren, Randall County District Attorney, Canyon, Texas

Mr. Darryl Flusche, Superintendent, Canyon

Mrs. Mary Beth Ford, Retired Educator, Amarillo, Texas

Mrs. Predenia Grantham, Educator, Hereford Independent School District, Hereford, Texas

Dr. W.M. Jones, Jr., Retired Psychiatrist, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. John Lemons, Retired Superintendent, Bushland Independent School District, Bushland, Texas

Mr. Tod Mayfield, Attorney, Mayfield, Crutcher & Sharpee, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. John Mozola, Attorney and Partner Mullin, Hoard & Brown, LLP, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. Jay O’Brien, Rancher & Petroleum Development, Amarillo, Texas

Ms. Puff Neigos, Western sales and Testing, Amarillo, Texas

Mrs. Helen Piehl, CEO, Western Sales & Testing, Amarillo, Texas

Mr. Gary Pitner, Executive Director, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission, Amarillo, Texas

Mrs. Myrna Raffkind, Community Volunteer, Amarillo, Texas

Dr. K. Raju Ramakrishnan, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, Amarillo, Texas

Mrs. Janie Rivas, Hoffman, Sheffield, Sauseda, & Hoffman, Amarillo, TX

Mrs. Geneva Schaeffer, Investor and Philanthropist, Happy, Texas

Mr. Doug Loomis, Superintendent, Amarillo Independent School District, Amarillo, Texas

Rep. John T. Smithee, Attorney and Texas State Representative (District 86), Amarillo, Texas

Educator Preparation Program Advisory Council


Because the preparation of educators is a collaborative effort, WTAMU’s Alternative Certification Program Advisory Council includes representatives from public schools, regional education service centers, institutions of higher education, and business and community interests. These individuals provide input from their various perspectives to help our programs meet the needs of Panhandle communities and schools. The council assists in program development, implementation, evaluation, revision, and promotion with the ultimate commitment to the preparation of quality candidates who contribute to the success of Texas school students.


Educator Preparation Program Advisory Council Members

School District Members:

Ms. Sheri Blankenship, sheriblankenship@herefordisd.net

Mr. Darryl Flusche, darryl.flusche@canyonisd.net

Mr. Eddie Gage, eddie.gage@pampaisd.net

Mr. Phil Guerra, phillip.guerra@dumas-k12.net

Mr. Chris Tatum, chris.tatum@amaisd.org

Ms. Christie Volmer, cvolmer@canyonisd.net 

Educational Service Center Member:

Mr. Ray Cogburn, ray.cogburn@esc16.net

Community Members:

Mr. Keith Brown, kbrown@opportunityplan.com

Program Members:

Mr. Brian Guillen, brian.guillen@dumasisd.org

Mr. John McCord, johndmccord@yahoo.com          

Ms. Alex Cotten, jalexcotten@gmail.com

Mr. Duane Chapman, dunechap@msn.com

University Members:

Dr. Eddie Henderson, ehenderson@wtamu.edu

Dr. Jim Calvi, jcalvi@wtamu.edu

Mr. Buddy Fox, gfox@wtamu.edu

Ms. Susan L. Allen, slallen@wtamu.edu

Mr. Gilbert Antunez, gantunez@wtamu.edu

Dr. Judy Williams, jdwilliams@wtamu.edu

Dr. Janet Hindman, jhindman@wtamu.edu

Mr. Jerry Schaeffer, jschaeffer@wtamu.edu

Chancellor’s Academy of Teacher Educators:

Ms. Connie D. McKee, cmckee@wtamu.edu


WTAMU Teacher Education Unit

The Teacher Education Unit reviews, approves certificates and recommends curricula for all teacher education programs. The Unit is a University standing committee (See WTAMU Faculty Handbook ).


Voting members:

  1. Chair, Associate Dean of College of Education and Social Sciences: Jim Calvi
  2. Faculty (one from each department with a teaching field, appointed by Department Head)
    1. LEES: Nabarun Ghosh (2013-2016)
    2. AEF: Amjad Abdullat (2013-2016)
    3. ENGL: Steve Severn (2013-2016)
    4. ENGL: Jeff Doty (2013-2016)
    5. EDUC: Betty Coneway (2013-2016)
    6. MMGB: Andrew Li (2013-2016)
    7. MCP: Kristina Gill (2013-2016)
    8. HIST: Byron Pearson (2013-2016)
    9. PSCJ: Anand Commissiong (2013-2016)
    10. MUS: Russ Teweliet (2013-2016)
    11. ATD: Tana Roberson (2013-2016)
    12. COMM: Carolyn Baum (2013-2016)
    13. AGRI: Kevin William (2015-2016)
    14. SES: Lorna Strong (2013-2016)
  3. Department of Education Head: Dr. Janet Hindman
  4. Officer of WTAMU Iota Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education: Christian Gonzales
  5. 3 area teachers/administrators (appointed by Dean of College)
    1. Hereford ISD: Sheri Blankenship
    2. Amarillo ISD: Karen Atkinson
    3. Region 16 ESC:
  6. 1 Student: Lindzey Gill

Non-voting members

  2. Assistant ACP Director: Gilbert Antunez
  3. Director, Office of Teacher Preparation and Advising: Beth Garcia
  4. DoE Adviser: Kristen Robberts

Social Work Program Advisory Council

The Social Work Program Advisory Council supports the Social Work program, and is made up of community social workers, students, and other interested constituents.

Social Work Program Advisory Council Members

Stan McKeever, Harrington Cancer Center, smckeever@harringtoncc.org

Orvie Nix, WTAMU Counseling Center, onix@wtamu.edu

Kathy Tortoreo, Family Support Services, ktortoreo@fss-ama.org

Brandi Reed, Family Support Services, breed@fss-ama.org

Susan Hammett, Adult Protective Services, susan.hammett@dfps.state.tx.us

Tony Schelhammer, Adult Probation, schellhamert@pottercscd.org

Kirby Sutterfield, TDCJ-ID, james.sutterfield@ttuhsc.edu

Christina Rolerson, The Pavilion at NWTHS, christina.rolerson@nwths.com

Jordan Herrera, Amarillo College, j0333462@actx.edu

Dayna Schertler, WTAMU Integrative Health Services, dschertler@wtamu.edu

Melisa Martinez, The Promise Project, millydawn@gmail.com

Teena Hall, Veterans Administration, teena.hall@va.gov

Ruth Vasquez, Amarillo College, ruth@amarillocollege.com

Jennifer Santer, Salvation Army, jennifer_santer@uss.salvationarmy.org

Dan Adams, Cal Farley's, danadams@calfarley.org

Melissa Carter, Area Agency on Aging, mcarter@theprpc.org

Shelly Bohannon, The Bridge, shelly@bridgecac.org

Jennifer Oliver, Hospice Care of Southwest, jenniferoliver@fmclp.com

Joann Cruz-Perez, Craig Methodist, jcruz-perez@craigseniorliving.com

Carissa Wingate, Canyon ISD, carissa.wingate@canyonisd.net

Jennifer Hale, Amarillo ISD, jennifer.hale@amaisd.org

Rozee Hernandez, Amarillo ISD, rozee.hernandez@amaisd.org

Sarah Patschke, Texas Panhandle Centers, sarah.patschke@txpan.org

Denise Donnell, GSO President, ddonnell76@gmail.com

Nicole Richey, SW Club President, nkrichey1@buffs.wtamu.edu