Large Ensembles


Graduates from the WTAMU Symphonic Band are among the most influential leaders in teaching positions at the elementary, secondary and collegiate levels. Former members of the ensemble can be found holding positions in orchestras around the world, as well as the leading military bands of the armed forces.


The WTAMU choirs are widely known throughout Texas and the United States for their high standard of performance. In 2016, the Chorale performed for the Texas Music Educators Association convention. 


The 70-member orchestra includes graduate and undergraduate students, both those majoring in music as well as those studying other majors. The ensemble frequently tours the West Texas region, but has also traveled around the globe with performances in South Korea as well as Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Degree Programs

Graduate Program

Academic Areas


The undergraduate theory sequence consists of Theory 1-4, Aural Skills 1-4, and 8 upper level courses: 20th-Century Analysis, Advanced Ear Training, Band Arranging, Choral Arranging, Counterpoint, Form and Analysis, Jazz Theory, and Orchestration.

History & Literature

Music History and literature courses within the School of Music include Music Literature, Music History from Antiquity to 1750, Music History from 1750 to Present, Symphonic Literature, Song Literature, Chamber Music Literature, Piano Literature, Band Literature, Choral Literature


Applied Music