Office of General Majors

Major in Emergency Management Administration (Major Code: 603)

The emergency management administration (EMA) program awards a professional management education to firefighters, emergency medical service providers and law-enforcement personnel through Internet classes. The EMA program’s goal is to prepare students for advanced levels of administration and management within the emergency services professions.

The emergency management administration degree program was specially designed by West Texas A&M University in cooperation with the Texas Engineering Extension Service for non-traditional students who can complete the program while remaining employed full time in governmental or industrial emergency management positions. WTAMU’s four-year emergency management program is the only four-year professional emergency management program in the state of Texas combining the curriculums of public administration and business management.

The degree plan requires completion of an associate’s degree at a community college or completion of appropriate technical-education courses at accredited technical-education facilities such as the National Fire Academy. WTAMU can receive the transfer of up to 66 credit hours from community colleges or technical-education facilities. Within the 66 hours, up to 48 hours of credit can be provided for technical courses that otherwise would not receive academic credit from WTAMU.

To be eligible for the emergency management administration program, a prospective student must have technical credit from a community college or technical-education facility, must be currently employed in an emergency management profession and must have at least five years experience in an emergency management position.

The emergency management administration major requires completion of a general education core curriculum of 42 credit hours, many of which may have been completed at a community college. The degree includes 42 credit hours of advanced professional-development courses within a 123-semester hour degree plan. Many non-traditional students also transfer credit hours from other four-year universities in Texas and around the nation. To receive a degree from WTAMU, at least 32 hours must be taken from WTAMU. Because the hours transferred to WTAMU are unique to each student, a student should request a formal degree plan immediately after being admitted to WTAMU.

Contact the emergency management administration academic adviser or the dean of the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities for additional information about the emergency management administration major.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Refer to the "University Core Curriculum" section of the catalog.

Degree Requirements

Select ECON 2301 to satisfy three hours of the social and behavioral sciences core curriculum requirements.

  • POSC 3307, 4350, 4355, 4331.
  • POSC 4352 or MGT 3330, POSC 4354 or MGT 4330.
  • EMA 3310, 4350.
  • MGT 3335, 4311.
  • ECON 2302.
  • MKT 3340.
  • MCOM 3350.
  • Any 3000- or 4000-level statistics course.