Dr. Robert DeOtte

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Office: Palo Duro Research Facility 131
Laboratory: Palo Duro Research Facility, Rooms 111 - 117
Phone: 806-651-8780

Professional Profile

DeOtte moved to the School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics in Fall 2010. He earned his B.S. in civil engineering from Texas A&M University, an M.S. in civil engineering with a concentration on hydraulics from Colorado State University, and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University where he specialized in aerosol and fluid dynamics.
Before moving back into engineering, DeOtte was director for the doctoral program in systems agriculture where he continues to mentor Ph.D. students. Prior to coming to WTAMU, DeOtte directed the hydrology program at Tarleton State University, and prior to that, was a research engineer with the Texas Engineering Experiment Station in College Station.

Teaching and Related Service

DeOtte teaches courses related to fluid mechanics, environmental engineering, and hydrology and hydraulics.

Research and Creative Activity

Upon arriving at West Texas A&M University, DeOtte applied his knowledge of biological aerosols and detection of terrorist assaults to livestock agriculture. He heads the Panhandle Agrosecurity Working Group and collaborates with researchers at national defense laboratories and Department of Homeland Security Centers of Excellence.

In the past few years he has applied his engineering background to such diverse topics as:

  • Development of disposal guidelines for carcasses of diseased animals
  • Agrosecurity and agricultural disaster preparedness;
  • Disposal of ash from combustion of beef cattle manure, done in collaboration with Texas AgriLife Research in Amarillo; and
  • Conservation of water from the Ogallala Aquifer

Personal Sketch

DeOtte enjoys reading nonfiction including history and books related to development of science and engineering. He and his wife Dona have two grown children—one an attorney who is married with a child, and the other is an environmental engineer.
In their spare time they are remodeling their current residence outside of Canyon.
DeOtte is a licensed soccer coach and enjoys coaching the youth baseball and soccer. He finds that teaching and mentoring students is much like coaching—in both venues the objective is to help others develop the best that is in them.