H. Paul Haiduk

Computer Science Program Coordinator, Instructor of Computer Science

Office:Engineering Building 221L

Professional Profile

H. Paul Haiduk is a veteran academician and businessman. He receive his bachelor's and master's degrees from West Texas A&M University. His first faculty appointment was at this University when its name was West Texas State University. This led to graduate study at the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, The University of Texas at Austin, Iowa State University and Texas Tech University. Haiduk has been a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin, Drake University, Amarillo College, Texas Tech University and WTAMU, where he has returned for the third time and where he intends to remain. He has been actively involved in curricular and program development in computer science for more than 35 years. He is recognized internationally as an author and has been a change agent in the adoption and use of advances in programming languages and software development methodologies. Haiduk has written numerous textbooks which have been adopted at such prestigious institutions as the U.S. Air Force Academy and West Point. Translations of his works are in Spanish, French and German.

Currently, he is the computer science program coordinator at WTAMU and is the architect of a curriculum that is unique in the southwestern U.S. and the only one of its kind in Texas. The computer science curriculum is designed to prepare students to be among those who either discover the next major uses of computing or to improve the usability, performance or elegance of current uses of computing. The program also prepares students to be able to design and implement enterprise class software systems. Through Haiduk's efforts, this curriculum is now one of only about 20 in the world that includes a focus on the super computers sometimes called mainframes. Included in his expertise is fluency in more than 20 programming languages and familiarity with numerous additional languages.

Teaching and Related Service

Haiduk's teaching responsibilities have in the past or now include:

   CS 1437 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
   CS 2425 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
   CS 2436 Objects and Data Abstraction
   CS 3303 Object-Oriented Software Development
   CS 3305 Data Structures and Algorithms
   CS 3310 Programming Languages
   CS 3315 Scripting Languages
   CS 3352 Operating Systems and Networking
   CS 3372 Net-Centric Computing
   CS 4310 Programming Language Translation
   CS 4325 Computer Architecture
   CS 4360 Approaches to Internet and Computer Networks Security
   CS 4385 Concurrency and Distributed Systems
   CS 4390 Software Development and Systems Programming
   CS 4391 Software Development and Professional Practice

To support the computer science program, Haiduk manages seven Linux servers which include some of the most complete implementations of programming language translators. He  configures numerous images for distribution to students to make it possible for them to work on the same software and configurations used on campus. In addition to teaching, he travels locally, regionally and nationally to champion the computer science program. As a facet of his focus on professionalism in the computing field, Haiduk is also the faculty sponsor for the WTAMU student chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).

Research and Creative Activity

Currently almost all Haiduk's creative energy is focused on how to more effectively deliver the content of a newly redesigned curriculum in computer science and how to integrate the use of super computers in support thereof.