The following is a list of syllabi for each of the courses to be offered at our Shenzhen campus. Please note that these are the institutional syllabi for each course. Individual course instructors will have the final say in determining the course syllabi for their course and will disseminate these on the first day of class.

* Independent study/special topics courses equaling one semester credit can be combined with any of the courses listed below and are available for students who require additional course credits.

Course Names and Codes  
ACCT 2301: Principles of Financial Accounting Syllabus
ACCT 2302: Principles of Managerial Accounting Syllabus
ARTS 1304: Art History II (Renaissance to Modern Art in the West) Syllabus
ARTS 1316: Drawing I Syllabus
BIOL 1406: Basic and Contemporary Biology (Introductory Biology) Syllabus
CHEM 1405: General Chemistry I Syllabus
COMM 1315: Basic Speech Communication (Public Speaking/Communication) Syllabus
ECON 2301: Principles of Macroeconomics Syllabus
ECON 2302: Principles of Microeconomics Syllabus
ENGL 1301: Introduction to Academic Writing and Argumentation Syllabus
HIST 1302: U.S. History Since Reconstruction Syllabus
HIST 2322: World History since 1500 Syllabus
MATH 2413: Calculus I Syllabus
MATH 2414: Calculus II Syllabus
MATH 3360: Statistical Methods Syllabus
MGT 3335: Organizational Behavior Syllabus
MKT 3340: Principles of Marketing Syllabus
PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy Syllabus
PHYS 1401: General Physics I (Fundamentals of Physics I) Syllabus
PHYS 1411: Planetary Astronomy (Introduction to Astronomy) Syllabus
PSYC 2301: General Psychology (Principles of Psychology) Syllabus
SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology Syllabus

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