Areen Omary

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Office: Harington Academic Hall, 380A
Phone: 806-651-2904
Office Hours:Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10:00AM - 1:00PM, Thursdays 11:00AM - 3:30PM
Due to COVID-19 outbreak, as approved by the University Dean Council, office hours will be held virtually.I am available to meet online or speak over the phone during office hours, as well as to schedule other days and times upon request.


"I embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower students."

Professional Profile

Dr. Omary joined the College of Education and Social Sciences in 2019. She earned her second master’s degree, Master of Social Work, from New York University in 2007 and went on to achieve a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to her arrival at West Texas A&M University, Dr. Omary served as a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Omary teaches bachelor’s and master’s level social work courses. She teaches diversity and culturally competent social work, research, critical social work, diagnosis, and evidence-based practice. She has more than 10 years of clinical practice experience particularly with patients diagnosed with mental illness, and 8 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate levels. She has worked with a diverse population of adults and juveniles with comorbid diagnoses and with parents of children with developmental disorders, to empower families as partners in reshaping early childhood intervention programs.

Dr. Omary is a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State, Missouri, and Texas. She led the drafting of competency nine in the 2020 CSWE Curricular Environmental Justice Curricular National Task Force Guide, which will be published in summer 2020. She is also a member of the AcademyHealth, a leading national organization for health service researchers and policymakers, and presents her research regularly at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting and the CSWE annual conference.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Omary has extensive experience in research and advanced statistics, including the general linear model, multinomial logistic regression model, and factor analysis. She has amassed over 19 years of experience in advanced statistical modeling techniques, including but not limited to, logistic regression analyses, cluster analyses, and survival analysis. Her current research work utilizes national data to discover associations, differences, and patterns within the data to improve mental healthcare access and delivery. Dr. Omary’s long-term research expertise involves health analytics of big databases, including the National Health Discharge Survey (NHDS), National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), and the Nationwide Readmission Database (NRD). In 2020, Dr. Omary received the WTAMU Faculty Development Grant Award (S20-9). She was also the principal investigator of a comparative effectiveness research grant proposal that was submitted to a highly competitive federal grant announcement sponsored by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The proposed project that she led included a team of 17 investigators and community partners. The proposal was scored at the first submission after it successfully cleared all the major review stages. Dr. Omary presents regularly at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting and the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting (APM) conference. In 2020, she was a conference reviewer at the 2020 CSWE APM conference. Dr. Omary has published her research work in peer-reviewed journals on depression and suicide, depression and alcohol addiction, and disparities in health coverage in patients with serious mental illness. Her current research activities focus on national prevalence, trends, and demographic correlates of major depression and suicide, evidence-based treatment of major depression, social determinants of health, rural mental health, integrated healthcare, and patient and community engagement. Dr. Omary has also authored and co-authored a book chapter in the Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry.

Personal Sketch

Outside of academia, Dr. Omary loves outdoor activities especially hiking in Palo Duro Canyon. She enjoys playing classics of her favorites—Beethoven, Mozart, and Shostakovich. She also enjoys playing tennis and is a fan of Serena Williams. She takes international travel seriously, and given the opportunity, visits numerous destinations. She enjoys immersing herself in new cultures. Most recently, she became a certified scuba diver and attempted to complete as many dives as possible. Prior to accepting her position at West Texas A&M University, she lived in New York City, Columbia, MO, Sunnyvale Santa Clara, CA, Milan, Italy, and Singapore. She lives with her Chihuahua dog, who accompanies her on all international trips.