Public Administration

Mission and Goals

The Public Administration Program’s mission is to prepare students for public sector and nonprofit careers in the Texas Panhandle, the state, the nation, and the world.

Our goals are:

  • Preparing innovative leaders by
    • Developing their managerial and analytical skills
    • Implementation of an interdisciplinary curriculum that links future employment and career advancement
  • Working primarily with students interested in the following areas:
    • State, regional, and local governments
    • State and federal inspection and oversight committees
    • Non-profit organizations at the international, national, state, and regional levels
  • Advancing governance quality in the region and the state by
    • Informing regional governments of programs and issues facing us as taxpayers, as Americans and Panhandle citizens
    • Confronting the challenges of justice, public safety, and public service in a free and democratic society within a republican-form of government
    • Fostering democratic discourse among citizens, policy makers, public and nonprofit managers, and scholars

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the key theories of public administration.
  2. Students will apply the principles of public administration management to the operating processes of government agencies.
  3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of public financial administration and budgeting by preparing a public sector budget for a government or nonprofit organization or agency.
  4. Students will analyze and assess current public policy issues describing the dynamics of public policy formulation.

The Courses Linking Theories to Practice

Theoretical frameworks are created at the beginning of each semester and applied to real-life situations throughout the remainder of every class. Both our face-to-face and online classes incorporate lectures, discussion forums, case study applications, and/or peer-to-peer reviews that assist students in thinking "outside of the box." The application of a theory-to-practice teaching method develops our student’s managerial and analytical skills as a generalist and practitioner in the public and nonprofit sectors of our society.

Internship and Capstone Course

We make every effort to assist our students, both online and face-to-face, to obtain as much public sector experience as possible prior to graduation. Traditional students with no or limited practical experience will be advised to apply for internships that will enhance their advancement opportunities. Non-traditional students who have been actively working in the government or nonprofit sectors are required to conduct an empirical research in the capstone course. This research project will be used to evaluate whether the students meet the Program Learning Outcomes.

Remote Study

The public administration program can be completed online. Remote students should be working with the advisor for substitutions to on-campus courses.