Core courses (Required 21 hours)

POSC 6350 - Seminar in Public Administration

Professor: Rotating

Development and role of administration in the governmental process; principles and problems of administrative organization and coordination; financial and personnel management; problems of administrative control and responsibility.

POSC 6351 - Seminar in Public Policy

Cross-listed with CRIJ 6351.

Professor: Dr. Darrell Lovell 

Selected aspects of American public policy, theory, organization, administration and administrative procedures in government. With consent of department head, may be repeated once when topics vary for a maximum of six credit hours.

POSC 6388 - Statistics for Social and Criminological Research

Cross-listed with CRIJ 6388/SOCI 6388.

Professor: Dr. Dave Rausch 

Prerequisite(s): undergraduate social statistics or equivalent. Statistical techniques most commonly used in social science research with emphasis on probability, estimation, hypothesis methods, sample techniques and use of SPSS.

CRIJ 6348 - Seminar in Criminal Justice Ethics

Professor: Dr. Brandon Bang

Major moral theories, application of ethical principles and moral dilemmas in policing, the courts and corrections.

POSC 6353 - Seminar in Administrative Management

Professor: Dr. Darrell Lovell 

Methods of applying administrative principles to the operating process of governmental agencies. Relevance of administrative theory to management procedures in government. Development and role of public service; basic principles, practices and problems in public personnel management. With permission of instructor, may be repeated once when topics vary for a maximum of six credit hours.

POSC 6355 - Seminar in Public Financial Administration

Professor: Greg Ingham 

Budgeting problems and internal practices in American government. Problems in administrative organizations in fiscal activities.

POSC 6387 – Seminar in Research Methods

Professor: Dr. Ming Xie

Nonparametrics; measurement; surveys, research, design; scale construction; methodology.

Criminal Justice Concentration (Required 9 Hours)  
Rural/Local Concentration (9 hours from the following)  
Generalist Concentration (9 hours from the following)  
Optional: Electives & Comprehensive Exam (6 hours from the following)  
Optional: Thesis (6 credit hours with approval)