May 2019    Brandon Bang received his PhD in Criminal Justice and is officially "Dr. Brandon Bang"

April 2019    Dr. Hueston and Professor Freidank gave a presentation at a conference in Louisiana 

March 2018  WT Criminal Justice held their first annual alumni reception.


Faculty Accomplishments       

  • Professor  Bang has published two recent articles.
    •  International Journal of Police Science and Management - titled - Police recording of custodial interrogations: A state-by-state legal inquiry 
    • Juvenile and Family Court Journal - titled - Juvenile Waiver 2014: A Review of State Statutes.
  • Dr. Dave Rausch and others in the department share their expertise through frequent interviews with television and newspaper reporters.
  • Several faculty members are recipients of university and national teaching awards.
  • Faculty members have been very successful securing grants for research and service projects and programs.

 Voices of Experience.  CJ faculty members  practiced what they preached.  Before joining the WTAMU faculty, Dr. Price was a warden in the Texas prison system,Dr. Hueston is a former chief of police, Professor Freidank is a former police and narcotics officer, Professor Jordan was a parole officer with the Texas Parole Division and Professor Webb was a police officer and still does investigative type work.

Student Leaders. Our majors hold key leadership positions on campus. One of our students even served as the student regent, representing all of the A&M System universities, including Texas A&M, on The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

Politics in Action. Several of our students have received paid internships, working with legislators in Austin and Washington, D.C. Now that looks good on a resume!