Step 1 - The first thing you will need to do prior to program application is take and pass the TX PACT exam for your target certification.

For admissions, we require an overall GPA of 2.75 and a passing score [240 or above] on your TX PACT exam Upon passing your TX PACT exam, you are now ready to submit your application to PACE. See Apply Now.

- - Test prep resource

- - Test prep resource

Step 2 - Complete online Module 1 (self-paced)

Once accepted into the RST program, you must complete the online training that consist of PPR preparation, Classroom Management, and Methodology (190 total hours). Highly motivated individuals can complete these training's in as little as 2-3 months. While the program is self-paced, we’ve found that completion times less than 2-3 months provide inadequate preparation.

Step 3 - Complete 40 hours of classroom observations

TEA requires that teacher candidates complete 40 hours of classroom observations prior to being hired as a classroom teacher. If you plan to do observations in Canyon ISD or Amarillo ISD, we will facilitate that scheduling for you. If you plan to observe outside of those two districts, you must contact your local school district to work out observation scheduling. View Observation Packet information.

You can substitute up to 15 hours of your classroom observation hours by watching video lessons from these three websites:,,

Step 4 - Upon passing your official TExES Content Exam and successful completion of Steps 1-3, you are now eligible to be employed by a school district.

Great work! You may request a Letter of Eligibility from your adviser and begin applying for positions in your certification area.  Upon accepting an official job offer, you will complete an online pre-employment training.  Contact your adviser to initiate the process. 

Step 5 - Complete Module 2

Upon successfully being hired by a school district, it’s time to talk to your RST adviser about which track is right for you. You can continue on with standard teacher certification and complete Module 2 while you’re teaching or you can begin working towards a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree and enroll in graduate courses while you’re teaching. The great thing about choosing the MAT track is that you get to transcribe 6 semester credit hours from your work in Module 1. That’s the equivalent of two graduate level courses! You’re already on your way!

Step 6 - Successfully complete one year of employment as a classroom teacher and pass PPR exam

Once you’ve successfully completed one full year of teaching, completed Module 2, and passed the PPR exam, you’re ready to become a fully certified Texas teacher. Congratulations!