Educational Leadership

As a graduate degree granting program in the Department of Education of the College of Education and Social Sciences and Graduate School of West Texas A&M University, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and a Texas educator preparation program approved by the State Board for Educator Certification, operating within the Texas Education Agency, to prepare and recommend candidates for state certification as principals and superintendents, the Educational Leadership program, which embraces the values, philosophy, vision, and mission of the University, College of Education and Social Sciences, and Department of Education:


  • academic and intellectual freedom
  • the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors
  • creativity and innovation
  • respect for the dignity of all individuals
  • cooperation and communication
  • community service and leadership
  • exceeding expectations of internal and external customers
  • continuous improvement
  • integrity
  • diversity


  • Leadership is key to the success of any organization
  • Great leaders are visionary thinkers, skilled communicators, and ethical in all of their actions
  • As change agents skilled leaders willingly make the tough decisions required for the betterment of the organization
  • Astute leaders navigate the political dynamic with finesse to the benefit of the organizations they lead
  • Visionary leaders think globally, but with a keen understanding of the importance for detail

Envisions being recognized for its excellence in preparing leaders of education by engaging program candidates in challenging, meaningful, technology-rich academic and field experiences to build their intellectual and personal development, whereby in their pursuit of excellence in education, program alumni, as empowered leaders, will make powerful and lasting impacts in their communities; and

Declares as its mission to prepare, through meaningful and relevant course work and field experiences, confident, skilled, and reflective leaders of education who are critical creative thinkers, effective communicators, advocates for diverse learners, users of technology, life-long learners, and stewards of the profession.

Program Standards and Leadership Learner Outcomes

In alignment with the State Board for Educator Certification standards for Texas principals in 19 TAC §241.15 and superintendents in 19 TAC §242.15, and the TExES 268 domains and competencies for principals, and 195 domains and competencies for superintendents, the  program standards are to develop educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all EC-12 students by doing the following:

  • Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a school or district vision of learning supported by the school community
  • Promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program, applying best practice to student learning, and designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff
  • Managing the organization, operations, and resources in a way that promotes a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment
  • Collaborating with families and other community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources
  • Acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner

The program standards are fulfilled through the program's Leadership Learner Outcomes, which are aligned with the TExES competencies for principals and superintendents.