Announcement – Program Change:

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum and lnstruction program (all options) is being phased out and will end on August 15, 2021. In its place, WTAMU will offer a Master of Education (M.Ed.) Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction degree program.

The new program will offer a non-certification route for individuals who are interested in earning the M.Ed. degree only or provide an opportunity for candidates to earn a TExES Principal certification if that is the route they choose. 

The new program will have five different emphasis areas:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction
  2. Literacy Education
  3. Special Education
  4. Early Childhood Education
  5. Content Area

Anyone in the current Curriculum and Instruction graduate program should work with their advisor towards finishing their current degree or transitioning to the new program.

Curriculum and Instruction - Special Education Option, M.Ed.

(36 hours)

Admission Requirements

A candidate must:

  • Hold a standard classroom teaching certificate;
  • Complete a formal application and mandatory interview;
  • Meet University Graduate School admission requirements;
  • And have a 2.75 undergraduate grade point average.

Leveling Courses

Students who do not have a special education background at the undergraduate level are required to take 9 semester hours of the following leveling courses in addition to 36 semester hours of required special education courses to fulfill course work requirements of the M.Ed. in special education.

  • EPSY 6350 Exceptional Children in the Mainstream of Society 3
  • EDSP 6352 Instructional Programming for Students with Intellectual Disabilities 3
  • EDSP 6357 Teaching Secondary Students with Mild Disabilities 3

Required Special Education Courses (27 hours)

  • EDSP 6354 Theories of Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders 3
  • EDSP 6356 Advanced Remediation Techniques 3
  • EDSP 6358 Seminar in Students with Multiple Impairments 3
  • EDSP 6359 Management of Classroom Behaviors—Exceptional Learners 3
  • EDSP 6360 Assistive Technology 3
  • EDSP 6362 Transition: From Schools to Adult Communities 3
  • EDSP 6364 Legal Issues in Special Education 3
  • EPSY 6322 Individual Mental Testing I 3
  • EDSP 6376 Interpretation of Assessment Data for Instruction 3

Required Education Graduate Core Courses (9 hours)

  • EDPD 6303 - Education Research 3
  • EDPD 6304 - Multicultural Education 3
  • EDPD 6329 - Human Development 3

Comprehensive Examination

In addition to the completion of course requirements, graduate special education students are required to pass a comprehensive examination during or after their last semester of taking courses.

C&I Special Education Option Program Goals

Out of State Licensure/Certification:

"Requirements for licensure/certification vary from state to state. Our programs prepare students for certification and /or licensure in the State of Texas. We do not represent that our programs prepare students for licensure or certification in other states."


Dr. Michelle Simmons
Assistant Professor of Education