How to Apply for Scholarships

To apply, please complete the common generic form for scholarships online at

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Below is a list of questions the scholarship application will ask.  For the Ed.D., please answer only the questions in bold below. Also note, the university deadline for submitting applications is February 1. However, to award scholarships to Ed.D candidates for the spring semester, scholarship applications must be submitted by November 1.

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your proposed major(s)
  • Your current and permanent address and phone
  • Whether or not you plan to live on campus
  • Your expected date of graduation (only non-freshmen answer this)
  • Whether or not you plan to work while attending WTAMU
  • Whether or not your name may be used in publicity for any scholarship received (and the name of your hometown newspaper)
  • Your parents' names and addresses
  • Information about other young people in your family
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community or volunteer service activities
  • Employment, internships, and summer activities
  • Award, special honors, and distinctions
  • Colleges or universities attending or attended
  • Freshmen answer a few questions about high school:
    • Its name and location
    • The year you graduated
    • Your class rank and size
    • Whether or not you were home-schooled or received a GED (General Educational Development) Certificate
    • Your counselor's name and phone number
    • National Merit Scholarship recognition (if any)
  • Short answer questions:
    • Why a scholarship is important to you
    • Why you have chosen to attend WTAMU
    • Why you have chosen your academic major(s)
    • Your life goals and objectives
    • Special circumstances that affect your family's ability to fund your college expenses

After answering the bolded questions, candidates may select up to ten criteria-based scholarships. Applications may be previewed and/or revised by candidates prior to submission. In December, submitted applications will be reviewed by both the Scholarship Office and the College of Education and Social Sciences. Scholarships will be awarded in January.