David Khan

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics! The faculty and staff in our department are committed to helping students succeed both in and outside of the classroom. The courses offered in our department are for majors and non-majors and provide thorough instruction in order to prepare students for their chosen respective careers. In addition, the department offers a wide variety of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate student research.

The Department of Chemistry and Physics allows students to pursue degrees in Chemistry, Chemistry with emphasis on Biochemistry, as well as Physics. We also have advanced instructional support that is available to both majors and non-majors to include Supplemental Instruction (SI sessions). Our Learning Communities courses have also proven to be highly effective, and are yet another means of advanced instructional support available to our students. In addition, our friendly Teaching Assistants (TAs) that work in our Chemistry and Physics help lab and teaching laboratories allow for students to get a more personalized, in-depth and thorough understanding of the material being covered in the courses that we offer.

The research being conducted here at WT by our faculty using state-of-the-art instrumentation also allows for exciting opportunities involving student research. This includes research involving astronomy and materials science using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Other areas of research currently being conducted within our department involving both undergraduate and graduate students include chemistry with lasers, cancer research (to include work involving breast, ovarian, pancreatic, and small-cell lung cancer cells), metabolic chemistry, as well as organometallic chemistry and polymer chemistry. Many of our students who have worked in these areas of research have published their findings in peer-reviewed journals. Students who participate in many of these projects also often have opportunities to travel to scientific conferences and present their findings, several of whom have won awards in various categories in the past. This experience not only enables students to develop their skills in giving scientific presentations, but also allows for future potential collaborations with other scientists from around the country and the world.  

We would like to thank you for your interest in the Department of Chemistry and Physics here at WTAMU. Please feel free to contact me or any one of our friendly faculty or staff members with any questions that you might have. We are here for you!

David R. Khan, Ph.D.
Department Head

(806) 651- 2940


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