Dr. Gregory P. McGovern

Gregory P. McGovern, Ph.D.

Laboratory Coordinator, Instructor of Chemistry

Office: Natural Sciences Building, Room 114-L
Phone: 806-651-8043

Professional Profile

Dr. McGovern joined the College of Agriculture, Science, and Engineering in 2014. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2000, an M.S. in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2003, and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Texas Tech University in 2013.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. McGovern teaches general chemistry. He is also a member of the American Chemical Society. He has also advised high school students in his synthesis lab who have been given an opportunity to perform university level research.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. McGovern’s research interests include organometallic synthesis, which involves spending significant time at the NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectrometer, and in a glovebox, since most materials of interest for his projects are air sensitive.

Dr. McGovern has published in Organometallics and Inorganic Chemistry and given presentations at the American Chemical Society’s national and regional conferences.