M.Ag. Program Highlight

Meet Texas native Shelbie Hannum. After getting her undergraduate degree at WT and teaching agriculture to 8th-12th grade students, she decided to further her own education and enrolled in the first cohort of our new Master of Agriculture online degree program. Shelbie sat down with us to talk about the program and her passion for educating.

MAG | Online

The M.Ag. degree will provide working professionals and individuals from diverse backgrounds a focused program for seeking additional skill sets advantageous to agricultural career pathways and/or pursuing new endeavors within the agricultural industry. These examples do not encompass all scenarios, but provide an idea of the demographics of potential students this degree program will serve. This degree will focus on the individual who wants/needs to complete a graduate degree with the hopes of continuing advancement or securing employment in the agricultural industry post-graduation.

The M.Ag. degree will be 100% online, offered in a cohort format. The current cohort format will follow an established course rotation across two full years, including summer course offerings. A new cohort will begin in the fall semester of each calendar year and be completed in August two years later.

Program Details

Currently, the new Ag Online Program offers a degree in Applied Agricultural Systems. The degree is available 100% online with courses offered asynchronous to meet degree requirements. This general degree is broad enough to provide students an opportunity to seek out their own learning opportunities within the field of Applied Agricultural Systems.

The Online Master of Ag degree is designed for fulltime employed professionals. Students will complete the program in a two-year period which will consist of two full semesters and summer course work.

  • Fall – last week of August through the end of November, 14 weeks
  • Spring – mid-January through the end of April, 14 weeks
  • Summer I and II - June through mid-August, 10 weeks

What is Applied Agricultural Systems?

We’ve taken the time to devise an education that encompasses the natural, social and economic environments of Agriculture and combine them into one comprehensive degree.

This degree teaches the core practices of production for both crops and livestock, while branching into new areas such as innovative management, sustainability, agricultural issues, and leadership development for a changing workforce. This unique approach allows the student to dive deeper into the multiple facets of agriculture.

Learning Objectives for the Master of Ag Degree

  1. Demonstrate competence in oral and written communication.
  2. Demonstrate professionalism, which includes integrity, leadership and accountability.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of agricultural principles and markets for conducting and/or participating in an agriculturally related industries.
  4. Demonstrate competence in problem solving and critical thinking skills.

International Candidates

For International Candidates, at this time we are not accepting Non-US resident applications. We regret this decision, yet we are currently understaffed to handle time zone differences and language barriers. However, we are working hard to change this so that in the future we can accept Non-US students. For more information on programs that do accept international candidates, please contact the WTAMU International Student Office regarding international student admissions.