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The WTAMU Ag Development Association is being revived after a several year absence. The Association encourages information flow and events for WTAMU alumni and friends involved in agriculture. The Ag Development Association also serves as a resource and support unit for the students, faculty and administrators in the WTAMU Department of Agricultural Sciences. We are excited about all that is happening and want you to be excited, too.

Membership in the Ag Development Association is open to all alumni, ex-students, and supporters of the WTAMU Department of Agricultural Sciences. Membership dues provide a concurrent membership in the WTAMU Alumni Association, a subscription to The West Texan magazine, discounts to all WTAMU home athletic events, other valuable discounts and invitations to special activities throughout the year. The balance goes into a fund to support recruiting and scholarships in the Department of Agricultural Sciences.

Mission Statement

The WTAMU Agriculture Development Association will provide support and resources for the Department of Agricultural Sciences, its students, faculty and administrators and will serve as a liaison for the flow of information about the Department of Agricultural Sciences to WTAMU alumni and friends.

The Agriculture Development Association will accomplish its mission by these methods:

  1. Coordinating with faculty and administrators to recruit new students from high schools and junior colleges.
  2. Increasing membership in the Agricultural Development Association.
  3. Promoting the WTAMU Department of Agricultural Sciences as a premier program.
  4. Implementing an ongoing program of events, publicity, communication, and fund raising activities.
  5. Assisting both University and Department of Agricultural Sciences administrators in developing beneficial relationships with key individuals and businesses in the region.
  6. Exploiting the slogan "WT Is Our First Choice".

Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide a sustainable, ongoing fund of not less than $10,000 by September 30, 2010, to assist in recruitment of new students.
  2. Increase membership in the Ag Development Association to 200 individual members and 20 corporate members by September 30, 2010.
  3. Work with the University, Ag Faculty and recruiters to increase the number of Ag majors from 500 currently to 650 by the fall semester 2011.
  4. Increase the balance of the Smallwood Leadership Award fund to $20,000 by September 30, 2012.
  5. Continue a Senior and Graduate recognition program to encourage prospective graduates to join the Ag Development Association.
  6. Continue to assist the Department of Agriculture and Ag Communications students with a program to communicate regularly and frequently with WT Ag alumni and friends by instituting an ADA sub-committee to assist in communications programs.
  7. Continue to enhance the interest and attendance at the annual Ag Reunion.
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