The WTAMU Transfer Ambassadors are a team of transfer students who are available to assist future, incoming, and current transfer students in all aspects of their WTAMU career.  The Transfer Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, various colleges/universities, and have different educational majors and goals. Please feel free to contact any and all with any questions you have.


Brooke Parker

Classification: Senior
Major: Animal Science Pre-Vet
College/university attended: Howard College
Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Plans after graduation: My plans after graduation
are to attend veterinarian school to receive my DVM.
I hope to come back to the Texas Panhandle and
open my own large and small animal practice.
Most important advice for new transfer
Get involved! Don't be afraid to step
outside your comfort zone to try new things.
Campus involvement/organizations: Pre-Vet
Favorite WTAMU tradition: I have the privilege of
being the third generation in my family to attend
WTAMU, and what led me to be a part of this campus
is the tradition of family.
Favorite WTAMU course you have taken so far
and why:
My favorite course I have taken at
WTAMU would have to be my AGRI 2300:
Professional Leadership Development class. In the
class, I was surrounded by other transfer students,
and well all created a bond in that class.
Favorite place on the WT campus and why: My
favorite place on campus would probably be the
third floor of the Agriculture Building. I enjoy going
up there to get my studying done and use the study
rooms when available.

transfer ambassador Brooke Parker

Carmen Perez

Classification: Senior
Major: Social Work
College/university attended: Clarendon College
and Amarillo College
Hometown: Wellington, TX
Plans after graduation: Taking my licensing exam
and starting to work somewhere in Clarendon, TX.
Most important advice for new transfer
Get comfortable getting uncomfortable.
Campus involvement/organizations: Admissions
Office - Bucky's Handler & Front Office.
Favorite WTAMU tradition: Christmas Time Carols
with hot chocolate & Buff Branding.
Favorite WTAMU course you have taken so far
and why:
Critical Thinking. In this class we did a
lot of thinking and it wasn't solely out of textbooks
and boring Power Points. We did fun exercises in
class as well as activities in groups.

Transfer Ambassador Carmen Perez

Patrick Shields

Classification: Senior
Major: General Agriculture
College/university attended: Northeastern Junior
Hometown: Avondale, CO
Plans after graduation: To work on getting my
master's, then finding a successful job.
Most important advice for new transfer
Starting over at a university can be
difficult, but if you're willing to get to know the
people around you, it can be surprising how much
you really have in common.
Campus involvement/organizations: I am
currently an Agriculture Ambassador for the
Department of Agricultural Sciences, I am in the
Collegiate FFA club, and love to go to as many
sporting events as I can. I also dabble in a little bit
of intramural sports competitions.
Favorite WTAMU tradition: My favorite tradition
that I was introduced to this year would probably
have to be the fight song since they play it at every
game, along with having the buffalo in front of the
field at the football games.
Favorite WTAMU course you have taken so far
and why:
I'd have to say my favorite WTAMU course
was the professional leadership and development
class. I was able to learn a lot of important skills,
meet people within the industry, as well as meet a
lot of other transfers who came in the same time I
did, ultimately introducing me to some of my
greatest friends!
Favorite place on the WT campus and why: The
buffalo stature fountain. It's honestly just a calming
kind of place, even when there are hundreds of
students walking by.

Transfer Ambassador Patrick Shields

Victory Suobite

Classification: Junior
Major: Psychology
College/university attended: Houston Community
College (HCC)
Hometown: Houston, TX
Plans after graduation: Go to graduate school.
Most important advice for new transfer
Get involved on campus; don't isolate
Campus involvement/organizations: President,
African Student Organization; member, WT Wesley
Favorite WTAMU tradition: The Fight Song
Favorite WTAMU course you have taken so far
and why:
African American History. I have always
loved learning about historical events and their
impact on today's society; this course provided a
deeper look into the history surrounding African
Favorite place on the WT campus and why: The
HELC. It is multi-functional and is usually always

Transfer Ambassador Victory Suobite

Baily Summers

Classification: Senior
Major: Agribusiness with a minor in Marketing
College/university attended: Northeastern
Oklahoma A&M College
Hometown: Ozark, MO
Plans after graduation: Continue my education in
graduate school working towards a master's degree
in Agriculture with an emphasis in Business and
Most important advice for new transfer
Get involved! Take advantage of the
opportunities that WTAMU provides to all of their
students, especially transfers.
Campus involvement/organizations: Horse
Judging Team, Equestrian Team, Rogers LEAD WT
Favorite WTAMU tradition: Fight Song
Favorite WTAMU course you have taken so far
and why:
Agriculture Business Management with
Dr. Joy. Dr. Joy was an excellent professor and
makes every class interesting.
Favorite place on the WT campus and why:
AGS and the WT Horse Center. If I'm not in class in
the AGS, you can find me riding and practicing at
the Horse Center.

Transfer Ambassador Baily Summers


Transfer Services Graduate Assistant

Tallee Davis

Major: Agriculture
College/university attended: Casper College

Tallee Davis