Enrique Ramirez

Agriculture Education

Enrique Ramirez’s love for agriculture began in high school, when he was introduced to FFA. FFA is a student organization that promotes and supports agriculture education. After his FFA involvement, Enrique decided he wanted to help others better understand the importance of agriculture. His passion for teaching is what led him to West Texas A&M University. The WT department of Agriculture Sciences provided Enrique with the best opportunity to further his education in the field of agriculture and education.

Enrique’s great grandpa was the most influential person in his life because of his great heart, and how much he loved and valued his family. His great grandpa inspired him to give to other people in need, so Enrique decided teaching was the best outlet. In five years, Enrique hopes to be settled into a Texas town teaching others about agriculture. Enrique’s best advice for college students across the nation is grades are not everything. As grades are important, the real value is getting involved in student organizations and programs that will give real-life experiences.

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Enrique Ramirez