Tolulope Okelola

Master of Business Administration

Tolulope Okelola, originally from Nigeria, aspired to study abroad and continue her education. Tolu is intrinsically motivated to help others learn and enjoys seeing the light of understanding in someone’s eyes. Tolu googled “most affordable colleges in the United States” and West Texas A&M University appeared at the top of the search. After calling WT, Tolu realized the great number of available scholarships and the charismatic personalities she was in contact with was unprecedented. This powerful combination is what led Tolu to the United States.

One of the most difficult challenges Tolu faced was meeting new people and the different communication styles. Some WT classes include participation grades, which helped her get out of her comfort zone, speak up, and increase confidence. This confidence led to new friendships that gave Tolu a wonderful support system. She described WT as one community, where everyone is extremely positive and helpful. Tolu’s best advice for potential WT students is to speak up and ask for help, because WT has resources to help academically, financially, and emotionally.

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Tolulope Okelola