Emily Morgan

Social Sciences Education

Emily Morgan made her way from Boys Ranch to Canyon to pursue a degree in social studies education, seventh through twelfth grade. In fact, Emily’s goal is to teach at a small school in the Panhandle, so she can help students understand the material at hand and succeed in the classroom. Learning the latest information is Emily’s passion, and she wants to utilize that passion in her future career. Emily’s biggest challenge transitioning from high school to college was time management, and finding the balance between school, work, and social life. Her best advice for current students is to get involved on campus, whether that be intramurals or clubs, and find a good group of friends who holds you accountable.

West Texas A&M offers an abundance of scholarships. These scholarships helped Emily focus on her studies, and not worry about the financial aspect. Alongside scholarships, WT has many on-campus job opportunities. Emily is the student-manager at the Virgil Henson Activities Center, where she encompasses different skills such as confidence, communication, and customer service which will be valuable in her future endeavors.

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Emily Morgan