Breuklyn McDaniel

Political Science

Amarillo native, Breuklyn McDaniel, has her goals set on becoming a successful, well-rounded attorney in the Texas Panhandle. When Breuklyn was a child her dream job was to be a part of the justice system, because her family used to joke that she was so good at arguing she should be a lawyer. Breuklyn’s passion for law comes from her father passing away when she was nineteen years old. She played a major part in dealing with the legalities one goes through when losing a family member. Now, she is on the road to help comfort others during such an unnatural time in their lives with the probate and estate planning process. Breuklyn stays motivated because she realized not all attorneys have great morals and motives.

West Texas A&M has supported Breuklyn through the encouraging faculty and available scholarships. Dr. Welch and Dr. Moeller have been Breuklyn’s mentors throughout her time here at WT, providing her with wisdom, and prestigious letters of recommendation. Breuklyn also felt comfortable enough to reach out to different faculty members and ask for help financially, which was delivered. Breuklyn has utilized so many different WT resources and has now gained endless communication skills that will add value to her continued journey to becoming a successful attorney.

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Breuklyn McDaniel