Chasely Matmanivong

Master of Fine Arts – Studio Art

Chasely Matmanivong, originally from Alabama, is getting her Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art. Chasely graduated with her bachelor’s degree from a college in Alabama and wanted to pursue a master's degree. She had a friend recommend West Texas A&M University because of the wonderful support system. Chasely has a passion for literature, where a lot of her inspiration for art comes from. Chasely’s grandmother was the most inspirational person in her life. Her grandmother was a hard worker and encouraged Chasely to consistently be her best and truest self. 

WT has provided Chasely with a Graduate Assistant job in the Art Department. Through this job and department, Chasely has found her inspiration to be a painter. She has fallen in love with the medium. Chasely’s goal is to become a professor in the WT Art Department where she is allowed to experiment with art and the people accept her, for her. Chasley’s best advice for any college student is to get involved in organizations to find the best possible version of yourself.

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Chasely Matmanivong