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The WTAMU Math Lab (Classroom Center 411) is a facility on the Canyon campus where students can walk in and ask math questions, get a deeper understanding of math, work on homework, have tutors go over graded exams, network with other students, use math textbooks and computers, get a boost in math confidence, etc...all in a comfortable learning environment. We provide these services to students from beginning algebra to calculus II.

The Virtual Math Lab (VML) provides in-depth online tutorials and study sessions that are used all over the world. The tutorials include step-by-step examples and practice problems. Videos can be found in certain sections.

We help future engineers, doctors, educators, nurses, business leaders, etc... to excel and get their degrees. We also employ students that are seeking degrees in engineer, computer science or math.

We need your help to continue to provide the ongoing support and resources that are essential for success in mathematics.The extra funding will allow us to expand services including hiring more student workers and graduate assistants and provide ongoing support and resources. It will also help us to connect to more students. Contributions will help more learners to complete their educational goals.

The WTAMU on campus and Virtual Math Lab (VML) have several ways that private donors and businesses can donate:

General Donation:

If you would like to make a general donation to the Math Lab/ VML you can either

  • email (kseward@mail.wtamu) or call (806.651.2453) Kim Seward
  • go to the WTAMU Foundation page and follow the directions. On that page, select "other" under the How My Gift Should be Used drop down menu and type in Math Lab in the box that will appear below it.

Sponsorship Packages:

We offer special sponsorship packages to interested companies. Go to the Example Sponsorship Page to get more information on sponsorships and examples of how a company's logo will be placed on the sponsorship page.


If you have any items (pencils, pens, paper, dry erase markers, t-shirts, etc...) that you would like to donate to the Math Lab/VML please email (kseward@wtamu.edu) or phone (806.651.2453) Kim Seward.


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