Wellness Council

The Wellness Council assists in the development of plans, strategies, and initiatives to increase employee interest and participation in wellness programs in accordance with guidelines established in TAMUS Regulation 31.02.13, Wellness Programs, Section 5.

Voting members:

  1. Chair (Appointed by the President): Heather Ferrell (2018-2024)
  2. One faculty representative appointed by the VPAA: Heather Ferrell (2018-2024)
  3. One faculty representative appointed by the Faculty Senate: Leslie Williams (2018-2021)
  4. Two staff representatives appointed by Staff Council:
    1. Betty Stocker (2018-2021)
    2. Ronnie Hall (2018-2021)
  5. One HR representative appointed by the President: Heidi Stricker (2019-2021)
  6. One staff representative from Student Affairs (Appointed by Vice President for Student Affairs):
  7. One representative from the Athletic Department appointed by the Athletic Director:


Additional members: