Wellness Release Time (non-faculty)

Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. General

1.1 The Wellness Release Time program provides full-time, benefits-eligible employees 30 minutes during normal work hours up to three (3) times a week of release time for participation in wellness activities at WTAMU. If possible, this time should coordinate with employee's arrival time, lunch time, or end-of-workday.

1.2 Employees participating in the Wellness Release Time program should have had a physician physical within the past 12 months. 

1.3  Wellness Release Time is paid time which does not have to be made up, cannot be accrued, and does not need to be documented on timesheets.

1.4  Each academic year of participation, employees must secure approval from their immediate supervisor and their respective Dean/department head prior to using Wellness Release Time. This form must be completed and sent to Human Resources/Warren Pitt at every year.

1.5  Immediate supervisors and Deans/department heads are expected to make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for participation in the Wellness Release Time program.  Participation may be disapproved for cause if the operation of the department will be negatively impacted by the absence.  If an application is denied, the supervisor or Dean/department head must indicate the reason(s) for denial.

1.6  The supervisor is responsible for monitoring compliance with the release time program procedure and may request verification of hours from employee where available. If the approved request results in a modified work schedule, compliance with  Flexible Work Arrangements for Non-Faculty Employees is required.

1.7  Abuse of the privilege to participate in the Wellness Release Time program will subject the employee to revocation of the privilege and/or disciplinary action.