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Starts February 26th, 2024!
Walk Across Texas!

Walk Across Texas! is about to begin! Gather up your teams and head over to to get registered, connected to the Buff Stampede league, and ready for our competition to start!

Are you ready?

INFO FOR CAPTAINS! Follow the steps below to ensure you get connected to our league. If you are not connected to a league, you can email HowdyHealth and ask them to connect your team to the Buff Stampede league (code below).

(one captain per team! No Student led teams)

  1. Login or register for a Howdy Health account by going to:
  2. After login, go to the Programs page of your account and click on the Dashboard button in the Walk Across Texas section.  Then, click Create a Team.
  3. On the Create a Team form, review the instructions and then click YES in the Joining a League field.
  4.  Copy and paste this code into the League Code field:  watL-240214-87153
  5. The League Name and League Start Date should auto-populate in the League Name field.  If it does not auto-populate, click into the League Name field and select the name that appears after clicking.
  6. Add a Team Name and invite up to 8 team members.  If you, as the team captain, plan on participating on this team and entering mileage, enter your email address as one of the 8 team members.  Then, use the Team Code to link your account as a team member on the Join a Team form.


Walk Across Texas Weekly Newsletters

Week 1  

Upcoming Events

February 16th: Bring your own Lunch and Learn: Nutrition and Heart Health (registration)


March 6th: Financial Lunch and Learn (registration link soon)

April 23rd: Campus Spa VHAC conference room 10AM-2PM

Recorded and Upcoming Guidance Resources Live Webinars

All of the following webinars are previously recorded. Feel free to rewatch as often as you wish!


January 15th: Loneliness & Isolation in Today's World

January 22nd: Coping During Uncertain Times

January 29th: Developing Will-Power and Self-Control



February 5th: Get Moving, An Introduction to Exercise

February 12: Laughter, Humor, Play to Reduce Stress

February 19th: Staying Engaged & Advancing Your Career as a Remote Employee

February 26th: Being a Socially Responsble Person



March 5th: Healthy Food Choices on the Go

March 12th:  Eating Healthy on a Budget

March 26th: Emotional Eating: The Connection Between Mood and Food



April 9th: Using Guided Imagery for Wellness and Stress Reduction

April 16th: Building Your Child's Self Esteem

April 23rd: Reinventing Yourself

April 30th: Bringing Out the Best in Others



May 7th: Parenting Toddlers

May 14th: Hobbies For Mental and Physical Health

May 21st: Healthy Lifestyle: Changing The Way You Think About Diet and Exercise

May 28th: Extracurricular Activitites: How Much is Too Much



June 11th: School's Out. Getting everyone through summer

June 18th: Planning a Family Vacation

June 25th: Getting the Best Value Out of Your Health Benefits



July 9th: Learning to Relax

July 16th: Letting Go of the Things That Hold You Back

July 23rd: Cutting Through The Clutter

July 30th: Staying Connected: Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Relationship



October 8th: Sleep: An Essential Component of Health and Well-being

October 15th: From Smoker to Smoke Free

October 22nd: Managing Personal Finances

October 29th: The Psychology Behind Saving Money and Other Good Financial Habits



November 5th: Stress: A Way of Life or a Fact of Life

November 12th: Understanding Depression

November 12th (not a typo): Managing Holiday Stress


On-Campus Resources

Here you will find the resources available to you right on campus. Click the links provided to learn more!

Wellness Release Time (Non-Faculty)  

Off-Campus Resources

WTAMU is also priveleged to have access to a number of off-campus services. Each of these services provides unique content to address a variety of topics. Some of these services do require qualifying conditions or criteria to utilize. You can find all of these resources and others in one convenient location at

When you access MyEvive, type in The Texas A&M System to get access to our unique dashboard.

Click the links provided below to learn more!

ComPsych/Guidance Resources  
Wondr (Formerly Naturally Slim)  
Blue 365  
Hinge Health  
Ovia Health