As we continue to phase back to campus and to support a healthy and safe return, I would like to provide some COVID-19 related updates and reminders.

COVID-19 Face-Covering Requirement

Beginning July 1, wearing a face-covering is required to be worn by all individuals (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) on the campus of West Texas A&M University, and campus facilities, unless a health-related exception exists, in the following areas:

  • Indoor public areas on campus, including all non-private office or residential spaces, such as lobbies, restrooms, common spaces in residence halls, conference rooms, break rooms, elevators, and related campus-community areas; and
  • Outdoor spaces where six feet or more of physical distancing is challenging to maintain reliably.

Students will be required to wear a face-covering in all classrooms and teaching/research laboratories; however, faculty will not be required to wear face-coverings in explicit-learning spaces to facilitate clear instruction.

It is recommended that individuals have multiple face coverings available to use throughout the week to begin each day with a new or cleaned face covering.

Protocol for Exposure to COVID-19

Per CDC guidelines, those who discover that they have been exposed to people with known or suspected COVID-19 should:

  • Stay home until 14 days after last exposure and maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from others at all times
  • Self-monitor for symptoms
  • Check temperature twice a day
  • Watch for fever, cough, or shortness of breath or other symptoms of COVID-19
  • Avoid contact with people at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19
  • Follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop

Request for Return to Campus Exemption Form

While most staff have transitioned back to campus, others may not be ready for a July 1 return. Those scheduled to return July 1, but may have certain existing circumstances that could extend remote work as late as August 1, should complete and submit the Request for Return to Campus Exemption Form.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

For up-to-date information and resources, please regularly check the University’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage.

Thank you for your efforts in protecting the campus.

Walter V. Wendler