May 15, 2020

WT Family,

We want to personally thank you for your diligence in closing out the spring semester for our students.  We stand in awe of the work all of you did to get this accomplished.

WT plans to return to campus in a staged approach beginning this upcoming Monday and with future targeted return dates of June 1st and July 1st.   This plan comes with both a personal and institutional responsibility function. 

The University is working close with our custodial partner, SSC, to ensure working and common spaces are cleaned effectively and frequently during each working day.  The University has also determined that we will require face masks (masks, bandannas and sleeves) when personnel are meeting with 2 or more other people.  THIS IS A BENEFIT AND PERSONAL CONSIDERATION FOR THOSE AROUND YOU. Because of this, we will provide a baggie of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE including a mask, gloves and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.  The baggies will be delivered to each office Monday morning for the employees returning that were submitted by respective Vice Presidents.  Please know you are always welcome to bring your own personal PPE.

The purchasing department has been tasked and has worked hard to find PPE for the remainder of the summer and the upcoming fall semester for employees, students and guests.  This will be a continuous task until further notice. 

Please also be looking for an email detailing a protocol, TrainTraq training and personal certification for each employee that will be returning to campus.  Further details will be shared once it is fully known.