Women in Pearls is an annual event and fundraiser for the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Dates and events will soon be announced. Proceeds benefit Diversity Initiatives and a scholarship for women.


In September 2019, Angela Allen Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers at WT, was selected as part of the NAOW Summit Delegation sponsored by the Global Institute of Diversity and Change. Members of the Delegation traveled to Lagos, Badagry, and Abuja, Nigeria. The delegation met with students’ faculty and staff at Abuja University to discuss study abroad opportunities between WTAMU and Abuja. While there Allen presented her first NAWO Talk (TEDTalk) for Nigerian business leaders, dignitaries, and students. Her topic was, “The Importance of Learning through Diverse Lens” Allen also made presentations to women and girls who are Internally Displaced People (IDP’s). IDP’s are people who have been displaced to a safe location within their own country due to conflict, natural disasters.


Allen presented her Girls in Pearls Empowerment presentation in the IDP village which is a variation of the Women in Pearls Empowerment fundraiser for the Diversity Office at WTAMU. While in Nigeria, the NAOW delegation were christened Nigerian names in a traditional naming ceremony in commemoration of the four centuries of the first Africans slaves to arrive in Virginia, United States.