Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity is one of the assets of West Texas A&M University. Our perspective of academic excellence specifically includes multiple aspects of diversity. Academic excellence results in part, from opportunities to create, interact, and benefit from association with others. Request for Diversity Training.

All events are free and open to the public. Join us for a week dedicated to diversity and inclusion.


Friday, December 13, 2019
6:00 P.M.
Alumni Banquet Hall

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The Donning ceremony is an African American, Hispanic, and International tradition where parents, family and friends place the stole on the graduate before graduation. A family member or friend is given 3 minutes to express what the graduation/student means to their family. The ceremony is a very heartfelt and warm celebration as the graduate prepares for moving on to the next stage in their life. 

The WTAMU family would like for as many graduates as possible to share in this celebration.

If you want to purchase a stole for graduation you still have time! You may purchase your stole from any vendor you choose but if you are looking for a place to purchase one, you may want to try this website below: It is the Midwest Global Group, Inc. Global Textiles and Handcrafts and they have several options of stoles to choose from and the shipping is minimal. Vision Wear International specializes in International Stoles.

Please make sure your stole will arrive prior to Dec. 13, 2019

For more information please contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion 806 651-8480
or email us at




Diversity Ambassadors are change agents dedicated to serving and representing the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Ambassadors assist in developing diversity program initiatives, as well as being liaisons to various university committees and student organizations. Ambassadors consist of WTAMU students who are committed to promoting deep cultural awareness. They strive to build better intercultural relations while increasing campus-wide participation in cross-cultural and multicultural programs.

What are the benefits of being a Diversity Ambassador?
Benefits of being an ambassador include: serving as a student representative for the Office for Diversity and Inclusion; increasing intercultural competence, such as awareness and skills of working with others; internal focus on self-growth; and leading and/or participating in various diversity-related events and programs.

What are the responsibilities of a Diversity Ambassador?
Diversity Ambassadors serve as a student representative for the Office for Diversity and Inclusion during the academic school year by following the eligibility criteria outlined in the application process. They will attend all required general meetings and retreats each semester, as well as complete the Participation Points requirements. One should become knowledgeable about the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, its resources and inform all constituents about its services. Ambassadors will promote the Office for Diversity and Inclusion events and programs to the campus and Canyon/Amarillo communities. They will also actively participate in committees to develop diversity program initiatives and fundraisers. Diversity Ambassadors as a whole represent a wide variety of people from different races, religions, nationalities and cultures. However, they all have one thing in common: they all have the passion for diversity and the program’s mission.

How does one become a Diversity Ambassador?
A West Texas A&M University student in good standing should be able to attend scheduled mandatory trainings, demonstrate an appreciation for diversity and exhibit academic excellence, strong communication skills and strong leadership potential. Those requirements include a minimum GPA of a 2.5. The application consists of background information, University involvement and essay responses. After you submit your application, you will extend an invitation for an interview before final selections. Applications will be available soon!

Apply today!
Spots are filled for the Fall semester, but you can apply for the Spring. To apply for Diversity Ambassadors, click HERE. Someone from the Office for Diversity and Inclusion will contact you.


For more information please contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion 806 651-8480
or email us at