University Diversity Committee

The WTAMU University Diversity Committee is made up of WT faculty and staff that work with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion on an array of programs, events, and initiatives. The committee meets at 2 p.m. in the Eternal Flame Room of the JBK on the first Friday of each month. If you are interested in joining the committee or have an issue to bring to the committee, send an email to or call 806-651-8482.


WTAMU University Diversity Committee Members

  1. Angela Allen, Chair, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  2. Carolyn Baum, Communication Department
  3. Abby Betts, Career and Professional Development
  4. Chip Chandler, Communication and Marketing
  5. Jonathan Cordova, Study Abroad and Nationally Competitive Scholarships
  6. Priscella Correa, Nursing Department
  7. Jennifer Denham, Education Department
  8. Barbara Ferrara, University Police Department
  9. Dr. Noah Franken, Communication Department
  10. Carolina Galloway, Leadership Team, Study Abroad and Nationally Competitive Scholarships
  11. Dr. Nancy Garcia, Communication Department
  12. Maria Guerrero, TACHE
  13. Kimberly Hanna, Graduate School
  14. Jamie Hunter, International Student Services
  15. Diane King, VERO
  16. Dr. Eric Meljac, English, Philosophy and Modern Languages
  17. Jeremie Middleton, Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success
  18. Sara-Louise Newcomer, College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
  19. Dr. George Pacheco, Jr., Department of Communication
  20. Dr. Shanna Peeples, Education and Social Sciences
  21. Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar, Computer Information and Decision Management
  22. Victoria Salas, Leadership Team, McNair Scholars
  23. Eric Sosa, Business Office
  24. Janeth Stewart, Nursing Department
  25. Troy Tarpley, Agricultural Sciences
  26. Sonja Young, University Police Department
  27. Richie R. Garza, Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion