July 19, 201

Posters are due at 1 pm. Here are some last-minute touchups.

Poster supervisors.

Be careful. Something might jump out.

Getting psyched for first-period class.

Less focused.

I went to Founders Hall for junior concert band tubas and euphoniums.

Junior concert band trombones.

Junior concert band horns.

Junior symphonic band flutes.

Junior concert band trumpets.

Mr. Anderson is their instructor.

Junior concert band percussion with Mrs. Freeman.

Junior concert band woodwind sectional. Mr. Dixon and Mr. Freeman are their directors this week.

Now we switch to the activity center mirror room and junior symponic band brass and percussion sectional.

Mr. Rath is helping the trumpets with his trombone!

Mr. Montgomery is the other director this week.

Second hour pictures. High school honor band flutes with Ms. Blackburn.

High school concert band trombones. They've done everything else with their trombones during camp, so why not headwear.

Junior symphonic band clarinets with Mrs. Lough.

High school honor band clarinets with Mr. Storey.

High school concert band horns and Dr. Manfredi.

Dr. Lewis was showing the concert band tubas and euphoniums a video on the big screen.

Mrs. DuBois and the high school honor band bass clarinets.

They made me listen to a really hard part in the music. This is what I experienced.

Mr. Hughes and the junior concert band oboes.

Mr. Swails and the maroon band bass clarinets.

Next is the junior high honor band woodwind sectional. Mrs. O'Bryant is conducting and Mr. King is assisting the clarinets.

The maroon band bassoons were learning about the contrabassoon. Mr. Garcia is their instructor.

Waiting in line for the 3 pm junior high assembly.

Mr. Barney's jazz band played for the junior high campers.

The game was to hold a spaghetto in your mouth and spear two noodles.

Mrs. Crutchfield gave a workshop on oboe for the band directors at 4:30 pm.

At 7 pm, campers had the opportunity to hear the woodwind choir. These are the top woodwind player at our camp this year. Mr. Worosello conducted them.

Dr. Creviston soloed with them playing a Telemann work. Again, we a grateful to The Yamaha Corporation of America and Tarpley Music Company for sponsoring Dr. Creviston's residency this week.

That was followed by the directors jazz band. Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, fronted the band.

Dr. Creviston was featured in the last three tunes.

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures. Amarill ISD sends a bus each morning delivering students to our camp. It's a great support to music education. They also have pick-up. Thanks, Mr. Cody Myers.

Here is one of the clinics that Dr. Creviston did for the campers. He conducted one a day for each of the three periods. Today it was for the first period saxophone students.

The high school horn ensemble, who performed for the junior high students in assembly, are playing before the 3 pm high school assembly in Northen atrium.

The jazz bands performed for the high school assembly. There are three jazz bands. This is Mr. Hinds and jazz band II.

Mr. Storey and jazz band I.

Another view of the woodwind choir and Dr. Creviston.

That's how Wednesday went.