July 12, 2017

Here are some pictures of the 7:45 am drum major class. It's held in the grand lobby of the fine arts complex and gets the full effect of the rising sun. It's cool enough inside, but direct sun is not the kind of weather for taking pictures, especially when I'm already challenged!

The student events office is located in Northen room 103, right next to the recital hall. They run the 3 pm assemblies and the evening games. They replace lost nametags, have the lost and founds, and a lot of other stuff.

Campers visiting before their first rehearsal.

I escaped my workplace during second hour and captured these pictures. This is Mr. Barney and the junior high school concert band saxophones. They're meeting in Founders Hall this year, and the place is really nice.

The junior high school varsity band horns were still assembling their weapons.

Mrs. Piper is their teacher.

The varsity trombones were memorizing the daily bulletin. There's a crossword puzzle and hidden "Easter eggs" that they are supposed to find throughout camp. On the last day,  students can come to the band camp office (N-263) to claim a treat.

Mr. Owen is their teacher in this very bright room. (The sun must be following me around. Mr. Kasper just came into the band camp office at 11:45 and said "Hi, Sunshine." I answered him, but did not take a picture of it.)

Mrs. Rohus was working with the junior high school concert band flutes.

Mr. Burns was working with the varsity band trumpets.

And Mr. Rivera has the varsity euphoniums and tubas.

Also in the second period, the junior high school concert band brass and percussion ensemble was practicing. Mrs. Mitchell was conducting.

Next door, the junior high school symphonic band was rehearsing. Mr. Shaw was conducting.

Mrs. Freeman was helping the varsity percussionists.

We move to the 1:45 classes. There are a lot of choices for the students. This is the high school rhythmic reading class.

Junior high school rhythmic reading.

Here is the oboe reed making class. Pictured are unpaid, underage campers laboring in this sweatshop producing reeds for starving hobos (or is it hautbois) in third-world countries.

Obviously, the young lady on the right is monitoring police scanner radio signals to warn of approaching raids. You wonder how it is that she didn't notice me!

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. McMillan are also forced into slave labor while they oversee their minions.

Flutes in the atrium. I threw the camera high into the air to capture this aerial shot.

This is the music theory class. It reminds me of what I looked like when I was in theory class. (I have multiple personalities, so I looked like all five of these students simultaneously.)

The left side of the room is somewhat happier.

Ah. These students get it.

Flutes at ground level.

The object of the junior high school assembly game today was to put a cookie (store-bought chocolate chip, if you must know) on the old forehead and wiggle one's face to get the cookie into the mouth. Students who hadn't undergone botox injections seemed to have the advantage. If the cookie dropped to the ground, the camper had to get a clean one from the paper plate to their left. (That was a challenge to a couple of students who first turned to the right, eying their neighbor's stash.) I don't know what is wrong with picking a cookie up from the dirty stage and trying it again. They tasted fine to me. Besides, the oil it absorbed from my skin helped it to slide faster.

Intramurals started at 4 pm. Today it was volleyball for the junior high bands and racquetball for the high schools.

There's also a twirling class at 4:30. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ashcraft are the instructors.

Off to the racquetball courts and a good, old fashioned game of volleyball.

A friendly card game.

After the workout, I was hungry. Let's see what's going on in the dining hall. They have a lot of different foods for the campers. This is the sandwich bar. Students select the meats and toppings.

And there's a grill for a grilled cheese sandwich. To the left, are frozen ice cream treats.

BBQ brisket, rice, a chop suey sauce, potatoes and gravy.

A pizza bar. Students grab a couple of pieces and can come back if they want more. As a matter of fact, campers can go through the lines as many times as they want.

There's a burger bar and french fries. There's melted cheese and chili to purover fries.

The calorie count is starring me in the face. Who wants to count calories when you're camping?

Infused water, but they also have the sodas.

Fresh fruit.

And a whole bunch of stuff to make a salad.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mr. Lough did a clinic for the band directors workshop.

Finally (for me; the campers still have a dance and bingo ahead of them), there were masterclasses for all the instruments led by the faculty. Here is the bassoon masterclass.




The top high school percussion ensemble was rehearsing for its concert next week.

Tubas and euphoniums.

The horns were in the middle of Kahoot.



Dr. Teweleit is going to take pictures of the other groups. But that will be a surprise for tomorrow.