July 18, 2017

Today is T-shirt day. The last T-shirt day was Monday, July 10. For the boys, that means that their T-shirt has been airing out for eight days and is presumably "clean" again.

I visited first period classes in Northen Hall. These are the junior honor saxophones with Mr. Yett.

White band tubas and euphoniums with Mr. Benton.

White band trombones with Ms. Pecht.

High school concert band saxophones with Dr. Barger.

Junior symphonic bassoons and Ms. Ghaly.

High school concert bassoons with Dr. Carpenter.

White band trumpets and Mr. Lough.

White band horns with Mrs. Casso.

Ms. Caldwell and junior honor band clarinets.

Mrs. Crutchfield and the high school concert band oboes.

Look what I found in N-189. It's out-of-focus high school symphonic trumpets. I told them they were out of focus and they straightened up immediately.

Wasn't that much better?

Mrs. Anderson and the junior honor band oboes.

This week, Dr. Christopher Creviston is our guest artist. His residency is sponsored by The Yamaha Corporation of America and Tarpley Music Company. You can read more about him at http://www.christophercreviston.com/about.html. He is a Yamaha artist and he will perform a recital on Tuesday night, he'll play a solo accompanied by the woodwind ensemble and then solo with the directors jazz band, and then perform a concerto with the directors band on Thursday. In addition, he will present masterclasses to all the saxophone campers and then do a masterclass for the directors workshop. After camp, he will be able to rest.

We are extremely grateful to The Yamaha Corporation of America and Tarpley Music Company for their many years of support and participation in our band camp.

You can read about Tarpley Music Company at https://www.tarpleymusic.com/t-aboutus.aspx. Tarpley music is actively engaged, for us, in music education in the Panhandle. They are prominent in many area competitions in many ways.

Here are some third hour pictures. I might have taken pictures of some of these groups. I can't remember. They're all beginning to look alike, especially since it's band camp T-shirt day. If I did take their picture, see if they look better or worse for wear. This is Dr. Eiben's white band flutes.

Mrs. Lough working with the junior varsity clarinets.

Mr. Storey and the high school symphonic band clarinets.

Dr. Lewis was showing his class a video.

Dr. Shanks and the high school honor band trombones.

Mrs. DuBois and the high school symphonic band bass clarinets.

Mr. Hughes and the junior varsity oboes.

Mr. Swails and white band bass clarinets.

Mr. Garcia and white band bassoons.

High school symphonic band flutes and Ms. Blackburn. (Camera thinks he remembers taking their picture, but he didn't put up a fight or make a scene.)

Waiting for 3 pm in Northen Hall atrium.

At the junior high assembly, the high school horn choir performed for the students.

There was also a recorder ensemble.

The game was to carry a marshmallow on a spoon, race to one side of the stage and return without dropping the marshmallow. There were three members to a team.

An impromptu game on the lawn. The object was to get close to a golf ball-sized target. As far as I could determine, the winner got nothing, but it looked fun.

Poster time, again.

Again, today it's the little red hen (Jewelie) doing all the work. I'm sure her band buddies will show up if she wins the pizza party.

One of the 4:30 pm classes is high school leadership. (Do you see Jewelie? She does everything at this camp!) Mr. and Mrs. Marin teach them leadership skills as upper-classmen during marching band, for example.

Here is jazz band II. They will perform at the 3 pm high school assembly.

Mr. Barney has jazz band III. They will perform for the junior high school students at their assembly in the Branding Iron Theatre, Wednesday at 3 pm.

Students practicing in the practice rooms in the "F" building.

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures.

Dr. Creviston rehearses with the woodwind choir.

Mr. Rivera instructs students in the high school conducting class.

The high school assembly apparently did the human chain.

Dr. Creviston plays with the directors band conducted by Dr. Garner.

Here Dr. Creviston speaks to band directors at the 4:30 workshop.

They're still at it.

They've lost their color. Losing consciousness. . . . .

This might be the junior high percussion ensemble II learning how to play a tambourine thumb roll.

This is Legacy hall, so this must be the junior high trumpet ensemble.

Junior high clarinet ensemble II.

Tonight at 7 pm, Dr. Creviston will perform a 30-minute recital following by the high school percussion ensemble I and the high school brass choir. Here are campers assembling in the atrium prior to the concert.

It's getting closer. . . . to the 1 pm deadline on Wednesday.

The high school percussion ensemble I was first on the program. Dr. Tariq conducted Chris Burton's "Circus Suite."

Next was the brass choir. On the first full day of camp, students audition to be place in one of the nine camp bands. The brass choir is comprised of the top players at camp. Dr. Manfredi is their director. They played John Williams' Summon the Heroes, Blake Keeley's The Pacific, Franz Biebl's Ave Maria, and an excerpt from the finales of Mahler's third symphony.

Mr. Lefevre, camp director, introduced Mr. Mike Burt, representative for Tarpley Music Company, and Mr. Chris Manners, regional representative for The Yamaha Corporation of America, both of whom were seated in the audience. Mr. Lefevre said that this is the 15th year that we have had a Yamaha Guest Artist at the camp, and he thanked the sponsors.

Dr. Creviston, accompanied by his wife Hannah, performed three pieces: Fernande Decruck's Sonata in C-sharp Minor, Stacy Garrop's Phoenix Rising, and Francois Borne's Fantasie brillante sur Carmen. It was a fantastic performance

The campers finished out the night at the dance.