July 11, 2017

Tuesday morning. Good morning.  Quiet! This is where the directors are staying (and we don't want to wake them).

Turn to your left and you have the dining hall.

There are several options. Here is the hot food: eggs, bacon, sausage, tater tots, French toast, biscuits, gravy, etc.

Cereals and milk.

Fresh fruits.

And startled glances.

The really good breakfast items are hidden in plain sight.


Campers grazing.

No directors! They're still sleeping.

At 7:45  am there are several classes for early risers. (Not for the band directors. They're still sleeping.) This is the high school breathing class with Dr. Lewis.

And there's a breathing class for the junior high school students.

In the morning, students have three different one-hour classes: a full band rehearsal, a woodwind or brass/percussion ensemble, and a sectional for the individual instruments. All these rotate. I went around to second hour classes and found high school maroon saxophones with Mr. Freeman.

Mr. Benton was working with the junior high school honor band euphonium and tubas.

And Mr. Meyers and the junior high school honor trombones.

Mr. Yett and the high school honor band saxophones.

At 1:45, there are required classes. I went to brass choir. These are the top brass players at camp. My drawings are fuzzy. Not warm and fuzzy. Just fuzzy. To protect the innocent.

High school clarinet ensemble with Mrs. DuBois.

Thousands of clarinets.

Will it ever stop?

Now off to the junior high school flute ensemble and Mrs. Henson.

AT 3 pm, there's an assembly. Junior high school students are in the Branding Iron Theatre, which is the fine arts complex.

They do announcements and usually there's a competition. At the end of camp, the band with the most points wins a pizza party. Today's game was pulling a tissue out of a box with one hand, one at a time.

I thought it would be fun to play the game in reverse. Since tissues are always numbered, the camper could put them back in the box, folded and interlaced so that the next person to use the box would not even know that a game had been played. The audience walked out.

At 4:30, there's a workshop for band directors. Today's presenter was Mrs. Tamarie Sayger.

Also at 4:30 there are three auditioned jazz bands. Here is jazz band I. Mr. Storey is their leader.

Tuesday night is the trip to T*E*X*A*S, the outdoor musical drama. Dr. Teweleit will have pictures for us tomorrow.