July 20, 2017

We're near the end so I'm trying to get to the last couple of classes that haven't been photoed. Junior honor trumpets with Mr. Lough.

Junior honor horns with Mrs. Casso.

Maroon band clarinets.

High school honor bassoons and Dr. Carpenter.

High school concert trumpets and Dr. Takacs were chilling out.

Mrs. Crutchfield had the honor band oboes.

Mrs. Anderson and the maroon oboes, one of whom isn't working!

Nor it the other. Mrs. Anderson is.

Third period I found white band saxophones and Mr. Yett.

Next door were the maroon band euphoniums and tubas with Mr. Benton.

Then there were the maroon band trombones.

Symphonic band saxophones.

Varsity band bassoons and Mrs. Ghaly.

I went to the dining hall for lunch. Here is the sandwich fixins' line. They had wraps, too.

The ice cream freezer.

The hot food line.


The hamburger line, corn dogs, fries (and you can add cheese and chili).

  Hamburger fixins'.

They also had the fresh fruit, salad bar, cookies, drinks, but I lost interest taking pictures of food and ate instead. Here are some of our campers at lunch.

At 1:30, all the 1:45 ensemble classes performed for each other. The junior high groups performed in the Branding Iron Theatre. The high school ensembles were in Northen Recital Hall. I'll just let you see the pictures. (Not my best work, but not my worst, either.)

Ms. Baumert sent me pictures of the 1:45 marching band class.

The director's band was at 3:30 and then the camp ball was that evening. Let's do those pictures tomorrow.